Monday, 9 December 2013

Dress to Impress

There is nothing better than being able to get dressed up in long dresses and have an evening of dancing with your friends. Back in the Uk end of year balls at school are the height of conversation, the anticipation leading up the ball is incredible, with each student wondering what someone else is going to wear.

As you can see from the photo on the right both girls have chosen elegant lace and silk dresses. The blue pleated dress dress is vibrant and exciting which is perfect for the time of year back in the UK, the dress makes a statement and stands out from the crowd.

The dress on the right however still makes a statement with more darker tones, emphasising the snake print throughout. She has paired the dress with a cute black clutch and minimal jewellery to create a sophisticated and elegant look. However corrections that I would have made to her outfit is the lack of jewellery around her neck, this has made her outfit seem unfinished and lack sophistication, if she had worn a necklace this would have taken the attention away from her neck and made people notice the beautiful design throughout her dress.

However this photo shows the sheer contrast of the two outfits and the colours used throughout. Her dresses adds an aspect of excitement and summer, where as his uses shades of black and white to create the well dressed and elegant gentlemen he is. He has also paired a plain pair of black shoes with the outfit as well as adding a bow tie and a sheer silk scarf to create the ultimate outfit.

However corrections I would have made to her outfit is the alteration in the length of her dress. If the dress length was shortened by a few inches it wouldn't have made the dress look like it swamped her and would have elongated her figure.

Together they have created an elegant and sophisticated look through the use of colours and designs. She has paired her dress with a small diamond necklace with matching ear rings and a single bracelet.

The blue dress is from Ted Baker, the snake skin dress is from Lipsy and the suit being worn is from Ted Baker.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Accessories Accessories Accessories!

Have you ever had that one outfit which you think is nearly complete 

but wait!! you can never complete an outfit without a few pieces of jewellery

My aim was to portray a minimal, yet sophisticated look throughout. As you can see through wearing a small pearl necklace I was able to wear one item of statement jewellery, which in this case were my earrings. 

I had chosen to wear minimal makeup, as well as wear my hair casually in order to portray an all over natural look.

I am wearing Ray ban Sunglasses, Thomas Sabo pearl necklace and Vintage Chanel Earrings.

A day at the races

I knew as soon as I woke up, that A day at the races in Australia was going to be very different to that of this so called event in the UK. 

There would be no umbrellas needed, no coats in sight, instead just lots of girl teetering around on ridiculous heels and lots of champagne 

I decided to go for the more casual yet smart look, I paired a Jack Wills summer dress, with a pair of Ugg wedges

James could not decide what to wear..

So he decided to go for a more summer/casual look

After finally finding a comfy seat to perch ourselves on for the rest of the afternoon.....

The races began 

I know for horse lovers as I am one myself this day is perfect, However for James who doesn't quite share the same excitement he needed something exciting to happen

And then he spotted these guys the Brisbane Broncos 

It definitely put a smile on his face

Its safe to say we will be attending more days at the races