North's Rugby Club

So today I thought I would venture out to a suburb in the middle of nowhere to watch James play rugby for North Brisbane Rugby Club

All the years I have attended rugby games I have been used to standing their slowly loosing the circulation throughout my body, my hands going blue, and looking like a drowned rat due to the heavens opening 

However not here, in fact it was 30 degrees, just sunshine stretching for miles, there was not one hot drink in site

All you could hear was happy cheers, the crack of the bottle opening, and the fizz of the coca cola can. 

This type of rugby I can cope with, it seems to be more of a social I believe

Especially when you are surrounded by acres of greenery and the splashing from the river running down the outskirts of the rugby club 

So I didnt really get any pictures of him or anyone in fact playing rugby 

As me being me was far to preoccupied with going exploring

Which is where I came across this beauty

I even managed to distract James for 5 minutes to go for a wonder with me around the club 

I feel there is only so much I can watch a rugby ball be thrown around

In fact throughout the games I watched, it went a little like this.......

(25 minutes into the game) "so what way are they scoring" 

"Whats even the score" 

"Is James even playing?" 

Save to say my concentration doesn't last all that long, But I was kept entertained throughout the entire time I was there, with ice cream 

It was rather a successful day for the Colts too 

Who WON their game, by a large number of points

I was a very proud mumma 

Maybe next time I attend a rugby game I will actually take some photos and concentrate a little more 

Well wish full thinking hey 

Until Next Time......