A Christmas from Down Under

I no this is well past its due date, but I thought its an experience others out there should hear about

All my life my christmas has consisted of waking up at a absurd time in the morning to a blanket of frost outside, then venturing into my parents room to open the presents, shortly being followed by my mother shouting and cursing from the kitchen about how much she hates cooking and how we should eat out

It a family tradition....

However this year was going to be very different 

I woke up to the blazing Australian sun, to step out onto my balcony and not be met by freezing cold conditions but 30 degree heat

I was not surrounded by my family, no not this year, in fact it was just me and James with our tiny christmas tree and an exciting day ahead of us

 I decided I would tartan it up for christmas as it reminded me of home the most, don't ask me why I have no clue, however I knew I would not be venturing out the house for a few hours so I wouldn't been seen  

After I had finally sorted out the presents under the tree into James and I's piles, which has always been a family tradition we begun to dig in

His excitement seemed to be slightly sarcastic towards the clothing I bought him

However he seemed truly ecstatic about a rugby book his parents bought him instead 

 Christmas is never complete without a few pulled crackers 

A few to much chocolate 

And of course the home made gingerbread train set 

After we had eventually made our way through the presents the champagne and the strawberries, we had to get ready to hop into a car to take us to our Christmas Lunch retreat at the Summit Lookout Restaurant 

Once arriving we got to take in the amazing views, Our table looked out for miles and miles

The food that we had for our Christmas Lunch was divine, ranging from turkey, to beef, to christmas pudding and much more 

Even James struggled to eat the entire 5 courses offered to us 

Up until now we knew there was still one thing missing from a complete christmas day 


And cocktails

We considered tackling the walk back down the mountain, but instead thought it was best we got a taxi home

As we drove off we got to experience this beautiful sunset

Once eventually returning home we took a walk to the City to see Brisbane's town hall lit up and the gigantic christmas tree 

This was my first christmas away from home in 20 years, and do you know what, it didn't consist of many family traditions, But it did consist of an exciting and rememberable day, which I most definitely will never forget.

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