A Plate Of Chocolate Loveliness

So I am really bad at saying NO when it comes to chocolate 

It just crawls up to me, slaps me in the face and says 'hey you!! you are not leaving this room un less you eat every single last bit of me' 

And lets be honest! its rude to turn down such an offer 

So I came home last night and really really REALLY wanted something chocolatey, so I could sit there, wack on the eating pants, and delve into a plate of loveliness 

Which is why I found myself getting those emergency chocolate bars from the back of the cupboard out, I had done so well to resist these the past few days 

I decided to make something that involved A LOT OF CHOCOLATE, and very little fruit, which is why I ended up with these.....


well lets get naughty, this is what you will need to make these bad boys, 

2 x 180g bars of Milky Bar Chocolate 
1 x handful of Dairy Milk Chocolate Droplets
1 x handful of Blackurrant dried fruit 

Firstly, RESIST DO NOT EAT the ingredients as the chocolate is a big necessity in the dish 

1) Break the bar up into individual slabs of chocolate, then place into a saucepan and place on the heated hobbs 

Make sure you stir the chocolate constantly, as no one wants a burnt bottom now do they 

Once the chocolate is all melted and looking luscious, separate it equally into 2 saucepans

2) Poor in all the Dried Currants, and keep stirring until they are all completely mixed in 

3) In the 2nd saucepan poor in the chocolate buttons, they should melt immediately, making the chocolate marble like 

4) Pour all the glorious white chocolate into a baking tray, which is lined with cling film (however I used a wide based frying pan, as couldnt find our baking tray) 

5) Then poor the marble chocolate on top of the white chocolate 

Then pop the pan/baking tray in the fridge for about an hour

I know its going be difficult but you have to wait!! 


Lick the spoon 

SO after one of the longest waits of your life, it should be solid when you remove it from fridge 

Then WOLLA these beauties are made before you, the only thing to do now is.....