A Real Eye Opener

I found myself at Beach Burrito's as per, BUT!! I wasn't eating this time, I know shocking right... Okay I may have had a little nibble on some food....

But my main aim of today was to write a new post about something that was NOT for once all about food

I cant help myself though, so here is a sneak peak of my much needed delicacies to write a good blog 

Taquitos - Pulled Pork and Chipotle Chicken, with guacamole and sour cream  

I also opted for my new favourite drink 'A Spicy Pirate'

It has Sailor Jerry's spiced rum, ginger beer, cinnamon stick, wedge of lime, and a hint of bitters

More to the point one of my favourite places to visit in Brisbane is Eagle Point

If you fancy an afternoon experiencing local markets, the botanical Gardens, and then topping off the day with visiting one of the multi cultural restaurants lining the river with a view of Story Bridge, then this is the place for you

Who would have thought so much fun could be have with a single periscope

I will now give you a useful tip for the day.... 

A wall can become very hot, so do not go and try and sit on them 

We then stumbled across these beauties

There was one stand that stood out from the rest for the elaborate shoe designs 

Little did we know that the guy who was running the store would have an inspirational story to tell us  


The owner of this stall built and runs an orphanage in Congo, where he buys/rescues child soldiers off Joseph Kony's army, and puts them in safe living conditions. 

This whole concept is very scary and daunting and apparently very common in 3rd world countries, he is also very close friends with Sam Childers 'The real machine gun preacher' 

The first child he rescued was a 12 year old girl, he kept her for 4 days, before she was to weak to survive and passed away. 

He is now training up a young 16 year old boy, to be the body guard for their local village

All proceeds made when someone buys a hand made pair of shoes, or the jewellery all goes towards the development of the orphanage and rescuing more children from these horrendous conditions 

It was all very eye opening, and made you want to donate as much as you can to such a good cause 

To Be continued.......

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