An Internship Attire

'What to wear to a fashion internship' 

Keep it fashionable, and sheik, yet sophisticated.

Always take into account comfort, yes heels may make your outfit look awesome, but really I no I wouldn't want to spend all day in heels.

Karen Millen
Make sure the outfit is practical, as much as you want to put together an outfit which is layered and looks fantastic, take into account your role and the weather.

<< When adding tights to your outfit, it instantly dresses down an outfit. This outfit is cool and casual yet smart,which could be perfect for a day in the office, the shoes are a reasonable height and the outfit still shows you know what is in fashion, and how to pair an outfit together to create an extraordinary outfit.

As you can see from this outfit >>>> it is a casual, however it is dressesd up with a pair of heeled boots, and the faux leather which are currently in fashion.

Make sure you have spent time looking through magazines to gain an understanding of what is the current trends, then try and portray this the best you can throughout your outfit, your employer will then realise you are up to date and aware of the ever changing fashion trends. 

 <<< TARTAN! - it is in, so bring it into your outfits, you can never go wrong with a kilted tartan skirt, with plain black shoes, tights and blouse. Using tartan brings is a quick fix of colour, as well as making a fashion statement.

All of these outfits above you can wear a cute pair of loathers or brogues if you don't fancy being in heels all day, this will still allow the outfit to look sophisticated and smart.

I am in love with the Boyish Charm suit look in at the moment. It portrays elegance, sternness and power. Women are now able to pull off a fitted suit just as well as men are, in order to portray this boyish outfit to be feminine pair it with a nice pair of heels, in order to elongate the legs.

You can also excite this outfit, by pairing it with a brightly coloured stripped or floral blouse, in order to distract the original formal concept.

THE MUST DO'S make sure the suit fits properly, there is no gapping at the shoulders or the legs, THERE IS NOTHING worse than a over sized suit, as it can go from sophisticated and sexy, to frumpy and unattractive in the mater of seconds.

All of the above outfits are KAREN MILLEN, I have a real love for this company, and I feel they sell excellent garments, that would be perfect for that special interview or internship.