Beach Burrito, West End

Some may say esto es increíble when they take that first juicy and succelent bite into the Jalapheno poppers. 

or you may experience that funda en el momento boca 

I feel when you experience a type of cuisine which has this amount of taste yet excitement behind it, its worth telling everyone their little secret 

That is why James and I thought it was necessary that we headed down to Beach Burritos. This insane restaurant is situated all over Australia, however my main focus is on the West end store, as soon as you step your baby toe over the entrance, you are transported to the beach

The first thing you should do when you enter Beach Burritos is check out their margaritas they are fantástico as the spanish would say

You must then face a monumental decision, what to choice from the menu when you want EVERYTHING

The menu has everything to offer from the famous mexican quesadilla to the more commonly chosen nachos

After much thought and deliberation I decided to go for most things on the menu, at the time it seemed like an amazing idea

Okay I'm sorry, I could not physically hold myself back from delving into this plate of loveliness, so the photo had to come after 

The Jalapeño poppers were to die for, some may think once I mention Jalapeño its going to be HOT HOT HOT!!

But your wrong, The Jalapeno seeds are removed and the inside is stuffed with sour cream, it is then battered on the outside and served with sour cream and smokey tomato salsa.

When you take that first bite into the Jalapeño you are hit with an array of flavours and textures, from the crispy batter, to the crunchy yet soft Jalapeño skin, you are then left to nourish the smooth and creamy sour cream

I was then faced with my 3rd course..... The pulled pork salad bowl 

I dont quite know what was more insane with this dish, the melt in your mouth pork, or the incredibly unhealthy yet seriously addictive salad bowl 

For all you pizza lovers out there you will love this next dish..... the quesadillas 

Its a combination of a crisp yet soft tortilla wrap, filled with indescribable flavours from the chicken, cheese and pico de gallo 

We then found a glass of Monteiths cider was a must after consuming so much food, the crisp fresh taste was incredibly refreshing in the mid day heat 

Our final main dish was the Tacos, we went for the garden taco, as well as the prawn taco 

The prawn taco is rumoured to taste 'like the sea' which in this case it did not fail to keep up to its expectations 

Yet the garden taco offered a very different taste, it was fresh and crisp

After devouring all of these dishes between the two of us, we felt it was necessary to taste some of the famous mexican tequilas and rums 

Which led us onto the 'Spicy Pirate' a mixture of 'Sailor Jerry's' spiced rum, ginger beer, a cinnamon stick and lime

We were then confronted with an interesting looking shot each.... people who know me, no Im not a big shot fan! however this shot caught my eye, as it involved chocolate buttons

It had got to that stage in the evening, where I was seriously considering undoing the top button of my jeans and letting that food baby have an appearance

However I realised there was still something I had not consumed 

CHURROS - one of Mexico's finest delicacies 

6 courses later its safe to say we were considering being rolled off the premises saying we had a food baby was a slight under exaggeration to say the least. 

However I do know that I will be returning to this place far sooner than I imagine

If you are a mexican lover, then head down to Beach Burritos, there is one located in West End and Fortitude Valley, both offer a brilliant atmospheres and surroundings, as well as happy and friendly staff

Its a must do on a hot afternoon 

You can find further details about store locations and opening times on their website

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