Botanical Gardens Escapade

We visited the botanical gardens later on in the day....

It confront you with acres of luxurious green grass, elaborate fountains, which home numerous bird species and beautifully exotic wildlife

After walking all that distance today, I felt there was some certain necessitates in life 

I had to go into the city 

And I had to get some Movenpick ice cream! 

There are some must have's in life and this is definitely one of them 

This has to be one of the best places in the world if you want some of the most incredible ice cream 

Which is why we hit it hard

Instead of going for a single scoop, or 3 scoops 

We Went all out......

We also could not say no to a lemon and lime sparking sorbet smoothie

Seeing I am an ice cream fanatic I have a good eye for mouth watering ice cream, below is my opinion 

Best - Banana 
- Mint Chocolate Chip 
- Blackcurrant Swirl 
- Creme Brûlée 
- Panna cotta 
Worst - Maple and Walnut

6 Scoops later, its safe to say I needed to be rolled home 

I definitely finished my lunch, with my head held high and having gained about a stone 

So After a food marathon morning and afternoon, there is one world to describe the day I have experienced.... 


Until Next Time....