Crunchy Munchy Madness

I decided today, to invest in a new baking tray! I know impressive hey 

Which Is why I found it totally necessary to bake some chocolate delight on it, and officially christen it within my household 

So I made these bad boys 

Yes just you wait until you see what I have in order for you 

Are you ready? 


Do you love Crunchies? 

or Pecan nuts? 

And Dried Fruits? 

If you are sat there nodding your head, and slightly drawling at the corner of your mouth, then this concoction is right up your street 

Now here is the much needed recipe to make these beauties; 

2 Crunchie Bars 
1 hand full of Pecan nuts 
1 hand full of dried fruits 
1 Large slab of Dairy Milk Chocolate 

Firstly break up the Dairy Milk into chunks, then throw them in the saucepan and keep stirring until it is completely melted and looking smooth and luscious 

Break up the Crunchie into little chunks, then throw them into the melted chocolate 

As hard as it is, try and resist having the sneaky little bite

Then grab your handful of Pecan nuts, and mix them in with a teaspoon of honey 

Once all mixed in, throw the nuts in the melted chocolate 

Then throw in the dried fruit 

Then mix mix mix 

Line your spanking new baking tray with cling film 

Then pop your bowl of messiness onto the tray

Put it in the fridge for around an hour

Okay its not something you could sell in a restaurant as lets be honest it wouldn't sell for its looks now would it 

But you cant have everything in life, your either good looking or tasty 

Which in this case its pretty dam ugly, but the taste MMMMMM 

After an hour it should be solid

Once removed from the cling film and baking tray, cut the chunk up into small sections 

So there you go, you have some goodies all ready for you to demolish 

So why are you still reading this 


Until Next time.....