Fillet Of Beef Salad

I have something to admit to

I am a real beef fanatic, I put it with anything and everything 

There is nothing better than a succulent juicy piece of steak 

Its making my mouth water just thinking about it 

So I am the sort of person that commits to a health streak in my everyday life for around 2 weeks, however after about a day I am really struggling to resist walking past the cookie shop at work, or have that naughty little bite of a chocolate bar 

Which is why I made this meal relatively healthy, that was until I had my chocolate slabs I made the other day for desert

Hey not everyone can win okay, I am really badly influenced when it comes to bad food 

If you want to make this tasty salad, you will need; 

2 large tomatoes 
1 section of a garlic 
Half a large lettuce 
3 small potatoes 
1 Large Fillet Steak 

To start I skinned and chopped up all the potatoes into small chunks for the chips, then popped them in a pan and left them to boil for around 2 minutes until the water started to bubble 

Once they are boiled, put them in a non stick frying pan, leave them to cook for around 20 minutes, until the outside goes golden brown and crunchy 

Make sure you constantly stir the potatoes, as no one wants their bottoms to burn now do they 

Then chop your garlic up into small chunks and pop em in with the potatoes 

Leave that to marinade for around 5 minutes, and then throw in the chopped up parsley 

Then you cant forget the healthy part of this meal, the salad

Get your tomatoes and cut them up into chunks

Place them on a plate with the lettuce

Then the most important part of this entire meal, the steak mmmmm 

Sprinkle it lightly with cracked pepper on both sides, then chop it up into thin strips 

Constantly stir the steak as you dont want it to over cook 

Once it has cooked to perfection, then place the pieces on top of the salad, and sprinkle the salad with the potatoes 


You have yourself a wonderful plate of mouth watering loveliness 

If I was to do anything different, I would have cooked the steak for less time so you get that melt in the mouth effect 

I would have also added a sauce/dressing to the dish, to add to the gorgeous flavours