Its A Wagamama's kind of day

Escapism - is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an escape from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life 

This is what I found myself doing one lunch time

Or was I just procrastinating, that sounds more apt to my current situation because I love my daily life. 

SO this is why I found myself at Wagamama's with this one for a quick lunch time catch up amidst my busy work schedule

He is always asking me why I have to take photos of everything, its because I'm a blogger, that is the only explanation necessary, however he never seems to reject a photo opportunity 

So after a much heated discussion about how annoyed he gets of my constantly taking photos of him and my surroundings

We eventually ordered.... I decided to go for the Mint, Lime and Apple fruit juice which was AMAZING (Definitely recommended)

Whilst James went for the Solid classic Ginger Ale 

For food I decided to go for my all time favourite main dish 'Chicken Ramen' 

Whilst James opted for the more Pick and choose aspect on the menu  'The Lunch Time Special' 

It consisted of....

Edamame beans 

Potato Chips 

A fresh crisp salad 

And his individual choice of Chicken Teriyaki Curry with Soft boiled rice 

If you are ever having one of those days where all you want to do is EAT EAT EAT, head here

The portions are really big and each dish is cooked to perfection with exceptional japanese spices. 

After trying my best to eat as much as I could, The dish beat me 

However on the other side of the table James's plate looked sparse

This place is where you want to be, if you want a quick LARGE fix of food, the service is amazing and the food is out to you in minutes

It is perfect for that sneak out of the office lunch break everyone needs 

OH I almost forgot.....

The best part about the entire lunch was it only came to $30 (£16.50)

If you go to any Wagamama's in Australia, and this may also be valid in the UK at lunch time, they have a special on where..... 

You can either get a choice of 5 main dishes (I choose the Chicken Ramen) and a drink 

Or you can get the snack box (Which James opted for) and your own individual choice of a curry and a drink for only ($14.95)


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