Beach Burrito, Fortitude Valley

So you know I said I would be re visiting Beach Burrito soon, well it turns out it was in fact a day later!! 

I just couldn't stay away!

But this time I visited the Fortitude Valley store instead

Both stores are very similar with the decor in relation to the beach theme, however they differ considerably in the way in which they are presented

So I found myself in a similar situation like last time on what to order off the menu as there are so many choices 

After much deliberation we decided to start on drinks

Seeing it was nearly 30 degrees, I decided to go for the safe bet of sparking water

However James decided to go for a cocktail concoction, I will find out exactly what it was and then let you know

After finally deciding what to eat, it arrived 

I decided to go for the garden salad, it had a mix of beans, guacamole, green onions, pico de gallo, lettuce, tomato, onions, and lots of other components to create the amazing taste I was witnessing 

Unfortunately this visit had to be short and sweet, so I had to stop myself from delving into a mouth watering bowl of Churros, which saddened me considerably 

Seriously if you decide you want a mexican this is the place to go, the food is to die for, and at a really good price

Until next time.......

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