Sydney Bound

Since I was a young child I had always dreamed of going to sydney

So I had a spur of the moment idea, I booked my ticket then and there and headed to the airport

Apart from my journey consisting of a screaming child sat next to me on the flight, then a 20 minute cab ride from the airport to the Hotel

I eventually managed to relax and start to explore

I booked to have lunch at the Sydney Tower which has a 360 degree panoramic view of sydney 

Throughout my lunch I spun slowly, so I eventually got an entire 360 degree view of Sydney 

I had an hour and a half time slot in the tower, where I was able to enjoy the substantial array of food available in the form of a buffet.

The weather started to go over cast towards the end of my meal, and before I knew it there was a storm brewing

Later that day I ventured through the Royal Botanical Gardens and stumbled across this beauty 

One of the most amazing cathedrals I had ever seen 

After walking for around 20 mins, I turned the corner to see this.....

OH MY!!! what a sight, It was a lot bigger than I had ever thought it would be

The sight made me speechless, after all the years I had wanted to see the Opera House It was finally right in front of me

I decided to do the 1 hour Opera House tour, apart from me being the only person who was under the age of 50 on the tour, I learnt some interesting facts along the way.....

Jorn Utzon won a contest back in 1956 to design the Opera House

The Opera House was originally quoted to be built at $7 million however it ended up costing them... 

$102 million

It took them a year and a half to pay of the $102 million debt

And this was done through the local lottery 

The roof is covered by more than 1 million tiles all made in Sweden

After I finished my tour, I then took a walk around the Harbour and finally got to experience the extraordinary view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge side by side 

As I delved further into my journey around sydney, I came across Sydney Aquarium, I don't know about you but I LOVE aquariums. 

They never fail to impress, from the tiny little clown fish (Finding Nemo's) to the gigantic sting rays and sharks 

To finish the day I headed to the hotel bar, I had heard it was well known due to the outstanding interior

The bar was called 'The Marble Bar' well that was for sure, it was covered from head to toe in marble, From the beautiful detailing on the roof, to remarkable liquor cabinet. 

(As seen on the Hilton website) 

After spending some time in this bar, I headed to another bar at the hotel called 'The Zeta Bar' 

The views were amazing as you sat having a drink you looked onto this magnificent building

(As seen on the Hilton website) 

Both bars at 'The Hilton Hotel' had amazing atmospheres and the staff were lovely and chatty, I would definitely recommend anyone to go there if you are wanting a laid back, yet stylish environment, this is definitely the place to go and get a cocktail.

Its safe to say I will be returning to Sydney soon 

If you have never been GO!! 

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