The Pig and Whistle

Having been born in the UK there are some necessities in life, this includes an exceptional fire riddled oldy woldy pub lunch. 

However this is proving to be rather challenging to find in Australia, which is why I found myself having lunch at the closest possible substitute 'The Pig and Whistle - A British Pub' 

Between the local live music being played, the friendly, laid back ambience of the pub, and of course to James's pleasure 24/7 live rugby being aired.....

This is where you have to be to subdue those pub Cravings 

I opted to go for the more unhealthy drink choice of a Coca Cola 

Whilst James opted for the healthier option - Orange Juice

After much deliberation over the menu, I went for the thigh thinning option ...... The twice cooked pork salad, with apples, watermelon, and goats cheese 

The salad was rich, with numerous punchy and sharp flavours throughout, it offered an interesting array of flavours on the pallet to say the least 

Would I recommend it to anyone, probably not, and this saddened me deeply as I am a food fanatic and usually love every type of food placed before me

However James went for the British Traditional steak and Guinness pie, with chips and AOILI OF COURSE 

And it was SENSATIONAL, with all the perfect flavourings and seasoning throughout

Seriously to all you Brits out there who need to devour some good old British Grub as they say, head to the Pig and Whistle 

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