The trip of a life time

Theres those times in life, when you realise you need to get out there and see the world, and the one place I have always dreamt of going to ..... AUSTRALIA

When I arrived in Australia, I was desperate to see a Koala, Kangaroo and a MASSIVE snake, and I knew the one place that could offer me all of the above was - AUSTRALIA ZOO

I had read over the years about this world famous zoo, and the amazing animals within...well its safe to say it did not fail to amaze. 

Australia Zoo was home to Steve Irwin, the internationally famous 'CROCODILE HUNTER'

The crocodile bought for Robert Irwin (this is a life size replica of a crocodile skeleton once found)

'Mossman' one of the larges crocs at Australia Zoo

The animals kept within, were not held in captivity in fact saved from life threatening situations. The keepers risk their lives everyday for the well being of these amazing animals. 

That truly amazing feeling of getting so close to these dangerous animals is exhilarating. 

They look so gentle and helpless, and make you, the onlooker believe they are not dangerous killers......

BUT think again, you just have to catch the Tiger portraying its natural instincts, and your reminded instantly.

As you enter Tiger Temple, you are greeted by this gigantic  sculpture, that allows you to embrace the surroundings and atmosphere of the area you are about to delve into

 The Zoo allows you to experience some of the most mesmerising and amazing animals that you want to cuddle up to and take home with you. 

It also introduces you to some more fearful companions within the Zoo.....

It offers you the experience of a life time, be this through holding a crocodile 

Or allowing you to have a childish 5 minutes, and becoming a true Aussie for the day 

It is a place I would recommend to everyone. 


But you cant forget the more local attractions to Brisbane 


A charity based organisation! All the entry fees and donations made to the sanctuary go towards refurbishing and building new homes for these beautiful animals 

This is where I got to hold my first ever Koala, it was A DREAM COME TRUE 

The koala was so gentle and cuddly, I didn't want to let go of him. 

However there was one animal I was not as keen to hold.....

This was one of the scariest moments of my life, But it all added to the experience. 

Lone Pine made me get over my fears of Birds
However my face definitely conveyed the picture of uncertainty and doubt

Unlike James who was enjoying every moment of it. 

You were even able to get a selfie with a Kangaroo, now that is a once in a life time opportunity. 

AFTER all of this I did not think My trip could get any better.... 

I then began to experience some of Brisbane's finest views 

The most mesmerising lakes 

And the most beautiful views from Mt Cootha 

However to get to these views, I had to venture through the woods 

Before you go to Australia, everyone depicts it to be full of deadly animals that jump out at you, end up in your bed and surprise you when you put your shoes on. 

So I was terrified on my first forest walk 

Constantly looking behind me, to see if the giant snakes were chasing after me, or the venemous spiders were landing in my hair!!

All of these ludicrous ideas came from my mother, who thought it would be brilliant fun to terrify me before I had even landed in Australia

Throughout the National park walks, you get to see what Australia has to truly offer

As a child you used to always climb on things 

It turns out you still have that need in your life even when your 20 

I feel when you visit a country, you should adapt to their culture, and have a bit of fun in your life

You must have that moment, where you step back and think 'Did I really wear that?'

However its true what they say 'You can't take fashion from a girl' 

In Australia you have endless opportunities to dress in your summer clothes and feel fabulous 

Be it at the races, enjoying a hot summers day

                          Or at the polo 

                   Enjoying a glass of champagne

Oh and did I forget to mention my love for FOOD! 

My dream would be to travel the world and try different cuisines 

I am sure most of you would agree there is nothing better than a fresh crisp glass of wine to complete your lunch time meal 

When leaving home I craved a Ploughman's,I could not find this anywhere in Australia, until i stumbled across it one day, how could I refuse....

But then it seems I couldn't refuse much after that.... 

I got to experience my first ever MAX BRENNERS 

                         What an experience 

As well as experiencing the Australian famous 'Moo Moo's Steak Restaurant' 

           Brisbane also offers the 'Bavarian Beer Cafe' 

                        Oh and muffins......

Throughout my trip to Australia, I have been able to have those moments that I will look back on and smile to. 

Like the moment I said goodbye to my parents for 6 Months 

Or the moments when I realise I can turn a boring situation (being dragged along to watch a rugby game) 

                      Into a good one..... 

You can never see to much.

These pictures have so far created a timeline of my journey through Australia 

But there is so much more to go


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