Under The Sea

I think Brunch is the best meal of the day, which Is why I found it 100% necessary to venture down to Gas Works at Newstead to delve into a feast

Gasworks allows you to throw on your cutest dress, and head down to an morning/afternoon of sun, good food and amazing people watching 

Which is exactly what we did 

Seeing we spend far to much time down there we decided we would try something new out

A new seafood restaurant had just opened up called 'Reef' 

Once you step foot into the restaurant you are taken into an oasis of sea life 

There is every type of seafood you can imagine, cooked in all the ways you can imagine 

After much delibiration we both eventually decided what we wanted off the exceedingly large menu 

James went for a beer

Whilst I went for a Vodka, lime, pineapple and lemon cocktail 

When it come to our food order, we both went for simple yet filling options 

To start I went for the Edamame beans 

Whilst James went for the avocado, and chicken sushi rolls 

It turns out my chop stick ability, really let me down 

Shortly after James's calamari and chips arrived 

And my deap fried Prawns with lime 

I even got surprised with a little Nemo 

After devouring every last little bit of food on our plates 

We moved onto our second location   


Seriously if you ever see one of these beauties just stood there on the side of the street, make you make that walk across the road you wont regret it 

I got my usual 'A large Summer Bling' smoothie 

It has pineapple juice, watermelon juice, coconut Gelato, pineapple sorbet, strawberries and passionfruit 

Once blended it makes such a glorious and mouth watering concoction 

I am also sporting my new purchase today 

How cute is this dotty play suit, when I saw it on the rail it shouted at me across the store...

"Hey you, yes you walking past, you are going to stop right now and buy my sweet ass, IM IN THE SALE!!" 

How could I say no to such an offer

So I ran over, snatched the last one up and WOLLA here I am 

We finished the morning laying down looking up at the sky with our smoothies

However this didn't last long, as we slowly got hotter and hotter 

Its true what they say Brits cant handle the heat 

I am

Dotty about 


I cant begin to recommend the Reef restaurant enough 

If you fancy a large lunch, with multiple choices in an beautiful location 

Then definitely head down to the Reef restaurant at Newstead Gas Works 

Do you want to know the best part, the food is amazing and its was such a good price

For 2 drinks, 2 starters and 2 mains the bill only came to $30 each (£16)

I have attached a link of the restaurant below, So check it out 


Until Next time......