Vapiano's, Brisbane City

So to finish my action packed day off yesterday

I met up with Rachelle, and Daniel for some much needed chit chat over Italian cuisine that evening 

Because we are all Lazy we didn't want to venture out of the City.....

Which is why we found ourselves at Vapiano's Italiano 

I Love meeting up with Rachelle, as I know the evening is going to be revolved around THE 3 F'S 
- Fashion 
- Fabrics 
- Food

This time we had an extra person to join our catch up - Daniel 

The more the merrier 

It was having to be a fleeting visit to Vapiano's as we all had busy nights ahead of us

But we still made time to savour the meals and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant, and of course have a massive chat about EVERYTHING

When it came around to ordering.....

Rachelle went for the Carbonara with no bacon (As she Veggie) 

I know right, carbonara without BACON, its like 'salt without pepper' or 'Bread without butter' it just shouldn't happen 

It was missing the BEST ingredient, and even she admitted that it didn't have much taste without it!!!

Whilst Daniel went for the classic Margherita pizza

And I went for my all time favourite the tropicale Pizza 

One of my all time favourites since I was a youngster

I had never previously rated Vapianos due to the time it takes to get your food

But this time they were pretty quick with the service and food, which lifted it slightly in my over all opinion of the place 

ONE MAJOR PLUS - you get to see your food being cooked fresh in front of you, so it creates that real authentic italian cuisine experience

ONE MAJOR FLAW - If you want to go somewhere for a catch up with friends, this isn't the place, as you all go off individually to order your food, and can be gone for as long as 10 - 15 minutes whilst waiting for your food to be made.

We don't want to finish on a negative now do we, so the restaurant always conveys a laid back atmosphere, so its a nice place to go if you're not in a rush, and don't mind sitting around a while with drinks 

Until next time......