A Final Farewell

I have been so lucky, the past week that two of my closest friends from the UK have come over to see me and some of their family.

I was able to show them around Brisbane, my home for the past 8 months, unfortunately good times have to come to an end 

It has been a sad farewell to not only Josh and Kathy as they fly back to UK, but the end of an Era at work 

My amazing Boss Angie said a sad goodbye today, to move onto bigger and better things, however we did not end it with tears we decided spending a day at the pub with continuous rounds was a lot more apt for the occasion.  

Since I moved out to Australia for my new adventure, these people have helped me along the way from day one, Angie gave me the ability to stay and live in Australia due to employment, and I never knew working with such an amazing group of people could be so much fun

After having to continuously stop myself from shedding a tear today I then had to go onto saying goodbye to Josh and Kathy 

I had promised I would take Kathy to Max Brenners for a gorge on chocolate goodies 

We decided to go to Hatch and Co for supper before delving into the chocolate delights 

This restaurant is one of my favourites at Newstead as its got quite quick service, and all the staff are friendly and chatty, the food is also amazing. The restaurant specialises in Italian cuisine 

After some time we made up our minds and began to order, I got an apple juice and lamb ribs 

The ambience around the restaurant is really exciting, as you have the ginormous frame of a gas chamber that lights up in lots of different colours 

As well as having the trees covered in lights that also change colour 

After eating every last scrap of food, we then ventured over the Max Brenner's 

If you have never been GO! 

They are situated in Australia, Russia, America and Singapore

They create some of the best goodies all involving chocolate, for people like me who are chocoholics this place is bliss 

Each shop has another corner shop within, where you can buy goodies to take home as gifts or for yourself to devour 

Max Brenners wise words  

Ill even show you a sneak peak of the menu, so you can sit their and drool

Between you and me I am having to stop myself from going for round 2 as I reminisce over my chosen delicacy earlier 

The one downside of having max Brenners on your door step! You get very fat 

After a very long wait, due to an ever so popular destination spot this evening, our goodies arrived 

I opted for my all time favourite, small but sweet


Whilst Kathy went for the Tutti Frutti waffle with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and banana 

One of my favourite parts about Gas Works at Newstead is most restaurants are outside, so you are able to look onto the beautiful sculpture was enjoying your supper 

Unfortunately our reunion had to come to an end

They went home happy as they had seen Brisbane, done many adventures and even experienced Max Brenner's 

Not long now and I set sail back home, have to say goodbye to some life long friends made here, my job and my home

However I know as soon as I touch down in England, a whole new chapter of my life is about to begin

Until Next Time.......