A Hectic Few days

I know this isn't much of an excuse for having not posted much on my blog over the last few days but I promise I haven't stopped 

Between Revision, work, and getting ready to move house everything has just become a real whirl wind 

This sums up my life this past week 

I have actually got into quite a good routine 

Before work I cram in a few hours of revision, I go to work, wiz to Wagamama's which is my new favourite place, then come home to revise for a few hours 

Fall to sleep

Wake up and start all over again 

However all you Wagamama's lovers out there you will get as much satisfaction out of this as I did 

We have become regulars, and they even know the dishes we now order, which isnt bad going

However I thought I would mix it up this time by getting the Bentos Box 

Whilst James opted for the Chilli Ramen 

We did in fact do a switcheroozi

And you cant forget the sweet potato chips on the side 

I Thought I would just give you a quick preview 

I bet your all sat there now with your tummys rumbling cursing me 

Dont worry I am to 

Now I have to get back to revising otherwise I get told off

I only just managed to sneak on here to put this post up

However I am going to Whitsundays for 4 days on friday, so I will have lots of exciting things to share with you all 

Until Next time....