Easter Sunday

I dont know about you, but there is something special about waking up Easter morning knowing there is a mission needing to be accomplished

It involves you being quick, witty, and clever 

You will not succeed without those 3 key elements 

Im sure some of you know what I am on about..... 

The yearly Easter Egg Hunt 

It has been a tradition in my house hold for 20 years, and just because I am not home certainly does not mean I am missing out 

So from the other side of the world, We began our own easter egg hunt 

I have an idea, how about you do it with me.... 

James went first with his clues for me; 

Clue 1. 

After much huffing and puffing I eventually found the first clue then things got rolling 

The egg was hidden in between the Lynda La Plante books 

Clue 2. 

Just to give you a hand, the pair of shoes are from Oxford 

Clue 3. 

Clue 4. 

Clue 5. 

Clue 6.  Okay even though this was deemed one of the easiest clues, it definitely took me the longest 

Clue 7. 

This one may need some explaining.... 

I used to have a hat with a Alligator on it, and its little home was in the bottom of this cupboard

Clue 8. 

Clue 9.  The last but certainly not least 

I finally retrieved all of my chocolate from around the house

Its safe to say it took a lot longer than it should seeing I live in a one bedroom apartment 

We then got onto James who was eagerly waiting 

Clue 1.

Clue 2. 

Clue 3. 

I dont have a photo of this one, but it was within my camera case 

Clue 4. 

My clue was actually only applicable to me as these cupboards are just ridiculous 

Clue 5. 

I dont have a photo for this one, but guess where it was hidden?? 

Yes you guessed right, in a pair of my shoes 

Clue 6. 

Clue 7. We then came to the finale 

After yet another rather exciting easter egg hunt we finally came to an end for this year 

Well my bikini body is most definitely not coming along any time soon after easter 

I always believed there is only so much chocolate you can eat on one day

But after devouring nearly every single bit of chocolate in the apartment on sunday, its safe to say I even managed to not only out eat my previous chocolate eating record, but amaze myself in the process 

Well within the Halliday/Preston house hold, its safe to say we had an EGGCELLENT easter 

Until next year.......