Eat Street Markets

We have been told numerous times about Eat Street Market, but passed at the opportunities to go, Because I don't know about you but I am not a fan of shoulder to shoulder crowds and queue's for miles and miles 

Seeing I am leaving Australia imminently I was talked into visiting this bundle of mayhem 

We got the taxi to drop us off a short walk from the entrance so that we didn't get caught in the pile up of cars 

As soon as we stepped out of the taxi the loud and bustling noise hit us, it was a mixture of shouting sales men behind their stalls, the screaming and shouting of hundreds of people and cars beeping their horns 

We made our way through the entrance were we had to pay $2 for entry, once in it was like you had been hit in the face, it was all coming at you 

I am a real food fanatic, so as soon as I saw hundreds of food counters I became like a kid at christmas, I calmed down and decided to take on this mission tactically 

I would do a quick once over, check out where seems the most popular, where doesn't and where I wont have to queue for a ridiculous amount of time 

It had everything you could possibly think of, from Italian to Chinese, to Mexican to Greek 

The market does however offer a twist, It does not consist of put you up stores, that are deconstructed at the end of the night 

It is in fact all based around shipping containers 

They have transformed these large mental boxes into little works of art 

The stores vary considerably, one minute you are bustling through the madness of the food markets, then all of a sudden you are in a quieter more relaxed place that offers these quaint little shops, then as you delve further into the market you are faced with bars and the live music 

After snaking our way through the crowds, we found ourselves out side a elaborate looking juice bar 

I dont know about you but I am a real sucker for any kind of smoothie or juice

Which is why I chose to go for a Kiwi, banana, passionfruit and lime juice 

We then went onto demolishing food 

We found ourselves outside a popular looking chip stall, I know what your thinking chip stall that doesn't sound very exciting 

However Wait till you check them out 

Something then caught my eye 'Chicken and Ribs' I am a real meat lover, however when something mentions Chicken and ribs in the same sentence  I start to do a little dance around due to sheer excitement 

We hopped onto our rather uncomfortable looking seats, and dug into a plate of loveliness 

Then something caught my eye, the photo looked glorious 

So as James took his last mouthful of ribs I dragged him over to stock up on dessert 

They were little puff pastry balls dipped in honey syrup, then sprinkle with cinnamon and whipped cream, you could also choose an additional topping of chocolate, maple syrup etc 

After eventually finishing them, grabbing some more food to take home with us, we gathered our numerous bag full of food and we headed home 

I have to say the market definitely surprised me, If I had another chance to go I would be there in a flash 

Between the large array of food, the loud and happy customers, the whole experience was surprisingly delightful 

The prices did vary at stalls, some where very over priced, but some where a lot cheaper and half the time a lot tastier 

The market runs every saturday and sunday from 4 - 10, if you have no plans this coming weekend I would recommend you head down and enjoy their culinary delights on offer 

Until Next Time.....