Leaving Drinks

Unfortunately the time has come that I have to leave Australia and head back home 

When I first arrived out in Australia 8 months ago, I had never flown by myself, never lived by myself and definitely not embarked on such a journey before 

My time out here has been filled with memories I will cherish forever from my amazing work colleagues to holding koalas and snakes, or to experiencing my very first cyclone

Last night I made a plan to have a final farewell drinks with my fabulous work colleagues, which is why we found ourselves heading to Pig and whistle at smack on 7pm 

There was no hanging around to be done 

We grabbed a table, and the rounds began 

Working with these people have made my whole experience here amazing, especially Angie and Rachelle, who allowed me to work for them and become part of their family 

We tended to call ourselves the 3 amigos! 

The more drinks we got, the more ridiculous the photos got 

I will be so sad to have to leave this bunch of amazing people, but at least I now know when I return to Australia I will have my 2nd family waiting for me 

If I had never embarked on this adventure, I would still be at home and would have not had the opportunity to experience having my own apartment, flying 24 hours by myself, and entering the real world with budgets and payments to be made. 

However I could have not done any of this without my parents support this entire time, I would not have made some friends for life, and definitely would have not grown as a person 

It is crazy how quick this 8 months had gone, I still feel like I only left home a few months ago 

Unfortunately the time has come that I have to return to reality, and back to the cold and miserable UK 

Hey at least I now have an excuse to return 

Good Bye Australia

And Hello detour Bali.....