Mars Bar Melt

I woke up this morning, motivated and determined to get my bikini body back

However by the end of the day I found myself stood in front of the chocolate isle in Coles grabbing handfuls of the deliciously chocolaty loveliness 

After making numerous different variations of this chocolate mess, James said he would like something that has a bit of crunch yet chewiness about it 

So me being me I took on the challenge 

Which is why I ended up with these.....

To make these goodies you will need; 

350g of dairy milk 
2 hand fulls of currants 
1 crunchie bar 
1 mars bar 

To start

Get a saucepan and put it on to heat until bubbling

Break up your bar of chocolate into little chunks, then throw them into a bowl 

Place the bowl over the saucepan and stir until smooth and melted 

Get the Crunchie bar, and cut it up into little cubes 

And then get your mars bar, and cut it into thin slices 

Once the chocolate is completely melted, get your baking tray which is lined with cling film, and pour the melted chocolate on top 

Then sprinkle on the Crunchie bites, the Mars Bar slithers and the hand full of currants 

Once covered pop it in the fridge for around about an hour or so 

After an hour remove the tray from the fridge, and carefully peel back the cling film from the chocolate slab 

Then cut it up into small slabs 



Until next time......