Pony, Eagle Point

So the past few days I have been running around like a headless chicken, work combined with travel arrangements just takes up to much time 

I did however find time to visit a restaurant I have wanted to visit for ages 'Pony'
It is located at Eagle Point in Brisbane city 

The whole experience was a bit of a mixed conclusion, there was amazing aspects and not so amazing aspects 

I shall start with the things I really enjoyed 

The views were amazing, after choosing our seat right on the terrace over looking Story bridge, we were able to kick back and relax whilst enjoying the heat on our necks and the continuous flow of drinks

The restaurants interior was really ellegant, yet sheik with the twist of horses about it 

The drink we opted for was AMAZING, it was called the strawberry and mint julep
It has tanqueray gin, creme de frasie, lime, strawberry cordial, apple juice and mint in 

Between the sweetness of the raspberries and the crispness of the mint leaves, it created a mouthwatering concoction 

After much time flicking through the menu, we finally came to the mammoth decision of what to order 

I don't about you, but I find ordering off a menu is a very important decision 

Even James had his thinking face on 

We finally decided, James opted for the 'Wood fired lamb, with cous cous, feta and sweet potato'

Whilst I chose 'Grilled quail, with green papaya, Nham jim, thai basil, chilli and mint' 

When I took that first bite the instant tastes that hit my palate, was a twist of asian, it has a sweet yet spicy sauce, which bought the entire meal together 

My meal was cooked to perfection, however the only critique I had about it was there was not much meat on the quail, so it lacked the WOW factor. 

After we had drunk as much as we could drink, and done plenty of people watching we headed for a walk along the river

That is one of the main things I love about Brisbane, no matter what day you pick to go for a walk the weather will be glorious....

You can put that summer dress on thats been shouting at you from the back of the cupboard for the past few months on 

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Unfortunately my dress is quite an old purchase, however Jack wills are currently selling ones quite similar 

I personally would not re visit, as we both found the atmosphere was quite tense within, and some of the staff were quite rude, it is also not a place to visit if you are really hungry and wanting large portions 

However I would strongly recommend it if you want some delicious dishes which are not to big, whilst over looking the glorious views. 


Until next time....