Rib and Rump

Last night we decided we would save money and eat in, which is why we ventured down to the supermarket, HOWEVER we got stopped mid step.... 

A slab of meat that looked unbelievably tasty, was shouting at us from the kitchen 

"Dont you take one more step further, who needs to save money, get yourselves in here!" 

"You wont regret it" 

Well I don't know about you but I cant turn down a demand from some meat 

Which Is why I found myself being challenged by this glorious menu on offer 

Their menu had a wide range of choices, be it from the meat enthusiast such as myself to vegetarians and even vegan options 

However I didn't get further than this page as I was instantly fixated

We got seated at a big wooden table, with plenty of room to spread out, I was going to be needing it..... 

For starters we both opted to share the cheesy garlic bread, I dont know about you but there is something about that juicy, garlicy bunch of loveliness I just cant resist 

This was not a place to be messed with

There was something missing, If I was going to devour their food there were some necessities needed to be put in place 

And this was a BIB!!!

For main I decided to go for the half rack of Pork ribs with Chips 

Whilst James went for the meat feast choice, of half a rack of Lamb, half a rack of Pork Ribs, and a steak with new potatoes 

We then delved in, Apparently this was not a situation to be using a knife and fork 

I was told to dig in 

After plenty of grunting, ripping and chewing we both destroyed our meals 

James decided this was plenty for one night, however I was not to be stopped 

I felt it was very necessary to check out the desert menu 

I decided to go for the Chocolate Fondue with ice cream and cream 

My Favourite 

I finally took the last mouthfull of my mountain of food for the evening, 

It was safe to say I was hoping James would be rolling me home, or offering a piggy back would suffice 

After 3 courses for myself and 2 courses for James the bill only came to a staggering $112 (£62) what a BARGAIN!! 

I will definitely recommend it to everyone, if you want a massive meat feast that is amazing quality, brilliant staff and quick service definitely head to Rib and Rump 

Until Next Time.....