The Boating Antics

This morning I was very lucky to receive a phone call from a lovely family, the Ryan's offering to take James and I out on their boat for the day then finish the afternoon off with a traditional Australian BBQ

I couldn't possibly turn down such an opportunity 

So we found ourselves hopping out of bed, running around like headless chickens, grabbing anything we could possibly need, and catching the first train out of here 

As we rumbled along on the train, we went from a busy city life, to a calmer secluded suburb 

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by this little feller 

I dont know about you, but I have always wanted this exact dog from day 1

So I have recently added her onto my to do list

1. Arrive home 

2. Find a job 
3. Buy a dog 

After far to much cuddling and not wanting to ever let go, she was torn from my clutching hands, and we were all out the door to head to the boat 

After a 25 minute drive, we eventually piled out of 3 cars and prepared to set sail 

The lake winde its way through Petrie for miles and miles 

It was such a perfect atmosphere, jet ski's on the water, boats fishing and little kids running in and out of the river 

We decided to take turns going on a rubber ring and getting pulled around the river, yes it was like going back to childhood again 

Totally awesome 

After what felt like an hour, It was finally my turn to aboard the floating bundle of fun 

And we were off 

We zoomed around the lake for about half an hour 

Screaming like little kids 

Our fun finally came to an end, when we had to return to shore and delve into a perfect lunch feast 

When I was younger my parents always told me, once having just eaten you cant go and do activities otherwise you'll throw up 

So thats exactly what I did 

I jumped at the opportunity to go knee boarding, after watching Gareth show us how its done, I walked into the river thinking I was going to be a pro 

Oh my I couldn't have been much more wrong 

After being reassured that the bull sharks were not going to hurt me I finally heading out to the deep end 

However I refused to go alone, As my theory was if a shark was going to attack me I could push Gareth in its direction and make a fleeting exit 

After 15 minutes of trial and error, I was starting to get called a wimp as It was near to impossible to be able to pull yourself up onto your knees when moving at such speed 

I would be so close, then BOOM I would be back in the water bobbing around like a helpless little fish 

I kept trying and trying then eventually with all my strength I managed to pull myself up onto my knees and I was off 

The thing that scared me the most was, If you came off surely it was going to hurt due to the speed you were travelling

Gareth told me that once I had had enough to do a hand gesture and he would slow the boat down 

Little did I know that it would be near to impossible to do it seeing I was holding on for dear life 

My go finally came to an end, and it was James's go to supposedly show me how it was done 

After numerous fails, with him going flying into the water head first, getting flipped off the boat, and being dragged along like a 5 year old

He eventually pulled himself up onto the knee board and he was off 

I personally believe I was better than him, but of course I would say that

Our fun had to eventually come to an end, we packed up our gear, attached the boat to the car and headed back to the Ryan's 

Where we were meet with a man feast 

There was something surreal about sitting there in the scorching sunshine, with a drink in your hand delving into a amazing bbq, all the way over the other side of the world 

The Ryan's were so welcoming, we all sat down at a large table and dug in, Even Bella was allowed to join us 

After we demolished all of the BBQ food, we were then given some gloriously Australian desserts perfect for Anzac day 

Some coconut, chocolate and sponge delight, as well as some Anzac Biscuits 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo off the Anzac Biscuits, but I will when I return home put up a recipe of how to make them for you 

I would honestly recommend them, they were divine 

Unfortunately our day had to come to a sad end, we had time to cuddle a mouse

Dont even ask, I hate mice, then we had to head home 

It was a text book definition day in Australia

Playing on the boat all day, having a picnic, then returning home to have a home good home cooked BBQ

I will be so sad when I have to return back to the UK in a few weeks time, Having to return to reality does not seem appealing right now 

But I have just started my plan to return trip to Australia next year, I mean how can I possibly not return and see all my Australian besties 

Until Next Time.......