The Healthy Burger Joint

I would definitely classify myself as a burger fanatic 

I love every kind from a juicy beef burger with melted cheese on top, to a chicken burger with fresh crisp salad 

Any burger that comes my way I will devour 

Which Is why I find myself on a weekly basis visiting Grill'd, they sell themselves as the Healthy Burger company

After a morning of work and completing menial tasks, we threw on our summer clothes and headed down to Grill'd

We had decided to go to the Emporium Grill'd as their is outside seating, which was appropriate for the weather today 

As soon as we arrived we were straight onto ordering, so that our plate of goodies would arrive sooner rather than later 

They were featuring a new burger option on the menu, which was their sliders 

I dont know about you, but there is something brilliant about being able to do a tasting platter of burgers 

Which is why I opted for a glass of wine and 3 slider burgers 

They arrived looking small yet sweet, with that devilishly tasty look about them, the burgers consisted of;

A Grass fed lean beef with cheese, mustard and Pickle

One with grilled chicken breast with pomegranate and mild wasabi slaw

And the last but certainly not least was the grilled chicken breast, and asian slaw with fresh mint, coriander and roasted peanuts 

I managed to hold off for a few minutes to take a photo before digging in 

James burger then arrived, he went for the Summer Sunset, a grilled grass fed lean beed, avocado, crispy trim bacon, golden pineapple, salad, relish and herbed mayo 

We also got a side of Sweet Potato Fries 

After devouring all of my sliders, I went onto bigger and better things and got my little paws on James's burger 

Grill'd never fail to amaze me, that they are able to cram so much food into one burger and for it to still be healthy 

I dont know about you, but that definitely is a winning point in my books 

Grill'd also had a scheme going that when ever you purchase a meal you are given a bottle top, where you then chose what organisation you want to put it towards

James later on went for a second burger, however I was saving my self for one of my favourite puddings ever! 


This place certainly gets my approval, every time I visit, the food is just as tasty, juicy and healthy! 

Oh and there is 1 more very important thing.....

The Burgers only cost %12.50 (£6.90)

And the sliders cost $15 for 3 (£8.30) 


Head on down

Until Next Time.....