Whitsunday's Day 1

Well the holiday didn't quite start as planned, I woke to a shrieking noise from my phone, it was my boss telling me there is a cyclone heading just north of where I was meant to be flying to

So after much deliberation I decided I could take on the cyclone, packed my bags and headed for the airport 

As we took off from Brisbane I was so excited, I was acting like a little kid at christmas 

One of my dreams since I was tiny has been to go to the Great Barrier Reef, and I was finally going 

However after finally cutting the 'Come fly with me' tune out my head and humming along to the annoyance of every passenger around me, I noticed the clouds were getting denser, darker and angrier 

When we finally touched down the weather was not great, it was cloudy and muggy, however the rain had held off to my delight 

I made my way to the hotel to check in, threw my bags on the door and was running back out the door within 2 minutes to go and hire my bad boy of a vehicle 

Some people call him a speed machine, who is near to impossible to keep control of..... However I called him Speedy, which was pretty apt due to the lack of speed he actually had 

This was my means of transport for the next 3 days

We decided to take speedy down to the marina to check out the shops, yachts and restaurants for tonights feast 

The entire marina consists of about 15 shops, restaurants and bars, to me it reminded me of a cute picturesque fishing village back home 

We then stumbled across this place

When I entered the store I definitely  had a mixed opinion of the place between eye opening, interesting, kinda weird yet quirky 

I will show you what I mean.....

Of course I could not not take a photo of the naked women, she adds a bit of enjoyment to everyones day

After eventually being dragged out of the shop by eager sightseers, we ventured out on Speedy again to go CRUISING which I feel is appropriate due to our means of travel

We eventually made it to the top of the hill, however this did involve a lot of leaning forward, and motivation to Speedy to make it to the top, we did question his ability half way up thinking someone was going to have to get out and push 

As we drove over the top of the hill we were faced with this 

One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen 

Kathy even got to make a new Australian friend 

We called him Spike, due to his spiky yellow head piece, which I personally thought was totally elaborate yet amazing 

We then hopped back into Speedy and jetted our way back to the marina, where we passed some beautiful lakes and beaches

With plenty of stop and starts, swerving and cursing I finally managed to drive us to our point of destination 

Well nearly, I got side tracked by Mini Golf 

I dont know about you, but I have a real obsession and love for Crazy Golf, where ever I go I have to play 

However it did not turn out to be a fun loving friendly game 

It got very competitive with serious ground rules having to be put in place, After 19 holes and plenty of club throwing we eventually finished 

With Josh in 1st Place
Me in 2nd place 
And Kathy in 3rd place 

After a quick turn around in the apartment, we were back in Speedy and making our way down to the marina for supper 

We chose a laid back cafe to grab some dinner in, with friendly waters and quick service as at this point I was ravenous 

I opted for a mango Madness cocktail 

To start we all shared a garlic Pizza, my favourite 

And for main I opted for the Hawaiian pizza 

After devouring every last piece of food within arms reach, we paid the bill and headed for the hotel 

I had this evening planned out in my head I would return to the apartment, sit out on the balcony with a glass of wine and update my blog 

However In fact I am in bed, with the door firmly shut listening to the rain drizzle on the window with a big glass of water 


Not quite as I had planned, But the adventures start tomorrow, I will be up at 7am to board a vessel to something very exciting 

Until Next Time.......