Whitsunday's, Day 2

After much shouting, pushing and throwing I eventually was awoken, told to hurry up and get ready as we had to board the boat in less than 20 minutes

I ran around the apartment frantically grabbing as much as possible and ran out of the door 

One of my dreams has been to go to the great barrier reef as previously said, but to top that adventure it would be to scuba dive there 

We were told the journey out to the reef would take 2 hours, so we had to sit back get comfortable and enjoy 

Whilst travelling we were told about tours available, massages available and the itinerary 

Eventually we made it, we all piled off onto this massive pontoon in the middle of the ocean, the people who opted to do Scuba diving or snorkelling had to get their snorkel gear and a wetsuit 

Which I found was a perfect opportunity to get snap happy, and this is where all the fun began 

So it turns out I was not quite model material in a wet suit, hey I can only try 

After changing as quickly as we could we were into the water within minutes, Now I don't know about you but Ive always been rather scared of fish 

So once submerged in water it was definitely a trial and error period before I was fully happy to float off into the distance by myself 

We had 4 hours to do snorkelling and diving, which was plenty of time, in between snorkelling you were able to get a buffet lunch, which had many options to choose from 

After having lunch we returned to the water, where I decided I was invisible and would become the fish whisperer

I had signed up to do a scuba dive, which I was unbelievably excited about, I was there 10 minutes early ready and waiting

To my delight the group only consisted of 2 other members, we were even lucky enough to have our own individual instructors the entire time under water 

I felt honoured to have been given the dashingly charming young guy who was of course English who held my hand as he lowered me into the water, after a long romantic hand holding session I reluctantly had to let go

We then started our adventure

I have a tendency to drift off and go into my own little zone when I have a camera in my hand,  which is what I found myself doing this time, I would see fish and insist on swimming after them trying to get that perfect shot 

However after a few minutes I would feel my flipper being pulled and it was my instructor pulling me back to sanity again 

This continued to happen a few times......

We then came across this monstrosity of a creature 

In my head I had the Jaws theme tune playing on replay, as it swam past I sort of froze...... 

Then did the first thing that came to mind, chased after it to get a good photo!! 

After a very quick 40 minutes we sadly slowly came to the surface and our dive was over , as soon as I left the water I wanted to get back in, it was one of the best 40 minutes of my life 

It then hit 3 o'clock and we were told to board the vessel and head back to Hamilton Island, after 2 more hours of food and entertainment we eventually arrived at the Marina 

As we stepped off the boat we were fairwelled by the smilling and fantastic crew, even though there was not a wink of sun throughout the day and it was over cast and showery, every minute I spent on the boat and in the water was extrodinary 

To be able to say I have scuba dived the great barrier reef is one of the best things, This memory will stay with me forever and ever 

Once back at the apartment we had a much needed shower, then Kathy and I ventured down to the marina to grab some supper 

We chose a place that served quick and easy food as we were both ravenous from our strenuous snorkelling day 

I never knew how tiring snorkelling was until today, by the time I finished I was shattered and just wanted to sit down...... Tomorrow will be fun 

We both opted for the same meal the chicken schnitzel with chips and pineapple 

After demolishing every last inch of food we felt there was still an empty hole in our tummies it was screaming at us 


Who am I to go against what my stomach wants, which is why we found ourselves at the ice-cream shop

We both opted for a Honeycomb ice cream and a fruit infused ice cream 

I also believe it is totally necessary to show everyone my new pants from CUE!! are they not divine, my new crush 

We finished up our ice creams and decided to head home, in the poring rain

Once entering the apartment we realised our faces were covered in mascara, our hair was slicked back onto our head and we looked like a pair of drowned rats 

At least no one can see you in the dark hey 

All in all the day has been a very memorable and enjoyable one, the staff on the tour were fantastic, such lovely and helpful people

I will include the link below of the tour, as if you are near or on Hamilton Island you have to go on it, its an experience of a life time 

Anyway its goodnight from down under,