Whitsunday's Day 3 and 4

After a rather miserable last two days due to the awful weather, I was really hoping I would wake up to a beautiful sunny Sunday, I crossed my fingers and my toes and opened my eyes......

My gosh I couldn't have been much more wrong.....

The first words I heard from Kathy were 'Emily the cyclone is going to hit Whitsunday's in a few hours, everywhere has closed down and all restaurants are shutting early" 

Well I don't know about you, but there is no where I would rather be stuck during a cyclone than a restaurant and I couldn't even do that 

Kathy and I decided we would make the most of the day before the cyclone hit, We threw on some clothes and decided we would go and have breakfast with the koalas 

This little place was situated in-between the Marina and my hotel, Which was perfect as I did not fancy a trek in the rain 

We were met by a really cheery and friendly girl that showed us through to our table, where we were lucky enough to be sat right next to the Koala tree! 

The little fellers sat there with their legs spread wide, hugging a branch 

Occasionally looking at you with that little bit of hope you may through them up a slice of your maple covered Pancakes 

There was something Amazing about being able to sit their eating your breakfast, looking up to see an extraordinary animal sat their enjoying your company 

We both delved into the continental breakfast, were I opted for 2 pancakes, then went onto a full cooked breakfast

However Kathy out did me, she went for 5 pancakes and a ginormous omelette, I never knew someone of her size could consume so much food!! she truly amazed me 

After devouring all of the food around us, and needing to be rolled out, we hopped back into speedy and had a drive around the island 

We had so many plans for the day, however all of them were cancelled due to the Cyclone warnings

After going to every single place that offered activities on Hamilton Island and being rejected, we finally came to the conclusion the only thing on offer to do for the rest of the day was to go to the pool 

After hours of entertainment, and hardly anyone else in sight, we heard over a loud speaker that the spa and pools would be closing at 3pm 

We then got told that we all had to go to ours rooms, close doors and windows, pull shut the curtains and not leave the hotel until the cyclone passes 

Well I dont know about you, but I have never witnessed a cyclone, its quite scary stuff 

After what seemed like hours and hours, we decided we would have to escape and go and eat before everywhere shut 

We boarded Speedy and zoomed across the island to another hotel resort where others were sheltered

I opted for the Garlic bread to start, with a glass of white wine, followed by a Steak with fries and a salad 

We spent  nearly 3 hours hiding away in the restaurant, but after suddenly realising we were the only guests left, we thought it was time we braved the weather and headed back to our hotel room 

That evening we watched numerous films, and kept on making quick dashes down to reception to stock up on much needed ice creams. 

We eventually all fell asleep, really hoping our last day would offer us something special 

And guess what..... 

We woke up to this, 

Bright blues skies as far as you could see, and as soon as you stepped out onto the balcony you were hugged by a warm blanket of bliss 

Kathy and I decided we would make a quick detour up to the lookout on Hamilton Island 

Later that day we made our way to the pool, where we had our first opportunity this entire trip to lay out and top up our tans 

My tummy then starting shouting at me that it needed feeding, which Is why we ventured back down to the marina to get brunch 

Oh my the difference was amazing between a rainy day at the Marina and a beautifully sunny day 

Everyone was out, chirping happily to each other and enjoying ice creams

We even got greeted by some new friends 

Seeing I had decided a few days prior to my trip to Whitsunday's that I was going to go on a diet, I decided I would go for one of the juiciest and unhealthiest puddings available 

The Meringue cake, with strawberries and cream

It was glorious! 

Unfortunately this trip was eventually going to have to come to an end, after 3 days of bad weather, storms and brand new experiences it was time to head home 

One thing we have learnt, next time we decide we want to visit an Island, we shall do prior research into the weather conditions on those chosen days 

Oh well at least I got to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, see some amazing fish, eat scrummy meals, and create some awesome memories 

Until Next Time......