A trip to the country

After touching down in England after a year long trip to Australia, I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and escape to the countryside 

There is something surreal about the rustle of the trees, the falling leaves and the wind blowing through your hair as you drive down the winding roads 

The roads were lined with hundreds of colours as I drove past, it all becomes a colourful yet beautiful blur 

I even had time to stop off to have a closer look 

Now don't mistake me for a country bumpkin,I love the roar of the cars, the beeping of the horns and the endless hustle and bustle of people running around like loonies 

But there is something splendid about retreating to the country, where you won't pass another car for miles, all you can see is the rolling hills and hundreds of four legged creatures roaming around 

Well in my case I made a quick pit stop at the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, it was my first time so I had no clue what to expect 

Now I've heard rumours about their ice cream, so rather than dilly dallying around I dug in in and tried it out for myself 

I stepped into their ice cream shop and was met with lots and lots of different varieties, after much speculation I opted for the mint chocolate chip, and the Maltese 

The ice creams seriously won me over, but that was not the only thing they had on offer

We were able to get to know some furry creatures too 

Now for the children if you want a quiet 5 or 50 minutes, then they can keep themselves entertained with the climbing frame, go karts, mini golf and bouncy castle 

I really wished I was either a foot shorter, or 10 years younger and I could have had a hoot 

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing, which made the whole experience so much better, we pulled up a pew well on this occasion a bench and got ourselves comfy 

I am wearing; Jack Wills Gilet, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Levis Shorts 


Time flew by and we eventually had to leave, the garden was calling, as well as a few little furry friends 

Isn't she a cutie 

We decided to grab some lunch out on the patio, and then have a childish 5 minutes 

Seeing the weather was so fantastic, I allowed the Mr to take me for a walk 

After weaving our way through the forest, dodging branches, jumping over puddles and and climbing over fences 

We were nearly there, all we had to do was walk up the last bit of the hill 

I am wearing; Jack Wills leggings, and Dubarry Boots 


Once at the top I realised all the moaning and groaning was worth it once faced with these views 

However, the views got even better 

We made our way over another hill and were met by these cuties 

The most beautiful wild horses I have ever seen, we were able to count around 15 

There was black ones, grey ones, piebald ones, and every other colour you could think of 

After getting myself comfy and watching them for 15 minutes, I got told it was time to head home as the sun was beginning to set and before we knew it darkness would be on us 

Unfortunately the day had to come to an end, the rain would be rolling in and the sun would be disappearing for the foreseeable future 

However, I will be returning when the sun is shining, and the birds are tweeting