Bamboo Chic

Since arriving at Le Meridian we have spent a lot of time at the Bamboo Chic restaurant 

It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day with a diverse range of goods on offer

The menu's specialises in Balinese and Indonesian cuisine 

The resturuant also features Michelin-starred chef Pere Massana who has a 4 course menu on offer at the moment 

Ill give you a little sneak peak of what is on offer at Bamboo Chic throughout the day 

Yesterday morning we decided to go for breakfast at the Bamboo Chic  

There is a large range of food from pancakes, to soups, to omelettes, to numerous pastries and breads, it also has sushi, pizzas, and fruit 

I dont know about you but Pizza at breakfast definitely wins me over 

Here is a sneak peak of what is on offer 

After devouring 5 courses, we were even able to sneak a few extra danish's back to the hotel room for later 

For lunch we returned this time going large 

James opted for the Nasi Goreng with Chicken 

Whilst I went for the wood fired Regena pizza and wedges

The pizza was cooked to perfection with a soft yet crispy base and with juicy succulent ham and cheese on top 

Now here is a sneak peak of what is on offer in the evening

The berry mojito which was packed full with flavour 

 I couldn't decide between the desserts so opted for 2, me being the little piggy I am 

Firstly I opted for an apple dish, I cant remember what it was but I will find out this evening and update this to let you all know 

My 2nd dessert was 3 eclairs, I got the raspberry, chocolate and caramel one 

Mouth watering was an understatement 

 I would definitely recommend a visit to this restaurant if you are in Jimbaran or near by 

There is a large array of food on offer, there is even food for those fussy ones out there 

Until Next Time.....