Brasserie Blanc

Before Lauren retreated back to London, we managed to fit in a final farewell lunch 

There was much deliberation over where to go, what we all fancied and finally we came to a joint decision on a place we tend to visit a lot, Raymond Blanc's restaurant in Bristol 'Brasserie Blanc' 

I Threw on my Monday best, sneaked in a quick photo fix and headed on out 

I am wearing; Karen Millen trousers, Russel and Bromley boots, Zara shirt and a Boutique fur gilet

I even had time to have a quick cuddle with my two favourites before being rushed out the door 

The French restaurant wacks up some classically brilliant delicacies 

This place has a real modern and chic vibe to it, with the high ceilings, the wall of wine and the escalating stairs down the back wall 

Every time we venture to Bristol we go here, it's a must do 

We nipped in at 2 and grabbed our table, speculated over the menu for a ridiculously long time due to the extensive choice, then finally made a decision 

Now something I did learn in Australia was how to mix up a mean drink, we called it 'A Spicy Pirate' 

To make this beauty you will need Sailor Jerry's spiced run, ginger beer, lime and a cinnamon stick and WOLA you have a bad ass drink 

Which is why I opted for this as my lunch beverage 

The rounds started coming, and the giggling got louder and louder, mean while the courses were flowing 

For starters I chose the Chicken Liver Parfait with red onion marmalade and sourdough

I am a real sucker for this dish, any type of Parfait brings me to my knees 

On the other side of the table my Dad opted for the Miscellaneous salad with cucumber & dill creme fraiche, celeriac remoulade, tomato salad, carrot vinaigrette, balsamic beetroot and cherry tomato salad 

While my Sister chose the deliciously tasty Salmon Tartar with egg yolk, capers and cornichon dressing  

As soon as the food hit the table, the conversation went quiet and we all knew we had a job to do.....

Destroy every last bit of food in front of us, so thats what we did 

And oh my weren't they divine, after dipping in and out of everyones starters, I came to the overall conclusion that the parfait was the best followed by the Salmon 

The combination of the crunchy salad, soft and tender salmon and the rich and creamy Parfait made me drawl at the mouth

Shortly after the mean mains arrived 

The table was filled with Fillet steak 

Cod with espelette pepper & spring vegetables 



And French corn fed chicken breast, with braised leeks, fairy ring mushrooms, cream sauce

Now I don't know about you, but that is a pretty awesome choice of mains

I yet again to everyones dislike dug into not only mine

The steak was cooked to perfection, combined with the carrots, chips and sauces it created a monster of a meal 

It was safe to say it didn't last long on my plate

On the dessert menu there was a few must have's

Which is why we ended up with an Exotic Fruit salad, which came with mango sorbet, coconut meringue & macaroon 

We also chose the Crepe Suzette which came with orange & grand Marnier sauce & vanilla ice cream which arrived in flames 

And finally my favourite the Poached Champagne Rhubarb with Kirsch Sabayon and Cinder toffee 

Yummy or what 

After taking the final mouthful I was well and truly stuffed, I don't think I could have fit another mouthful in....

Well I wouldn't have minded another serving of the Poached Champagne Rhubarb 

It would have been rude of me to turn it down obviously 

Unfortunately lunch had to come to an end, and Lauren had to return to London 

However not only will I be returning to Brassiere Blanc, I will also be experiencing some more London based delicacies in the weeks to come 

The only thing I would recommend with visiting Brasserie Blanc is you should book on weekends for sure, and maybe week days 

As you don't want to turn up and not be able to be fit in, no one wants that now do they