Jimbaran, Bali Part 1

The 2nd leg of our adventure has led us to Jimbaran, a little fishing village on the west coast of Bali 

Our chosen destination was Le Meridian, a stylist and quirky hotel with a twist of the Indonesian Culture 

Our car pulled up and as soon as stepped out we were whisked away in a buggy to the reception to check in, my little toe had just touched the floor and they were offering us welcome drinks 

We speedily checked in, as I get far to over excited about seeing my room, as soon as I was given the key I raced off down the hotel to my room 

 I had already made a mess before I was able to take a photo, excitement definitely out weighed maturity 

The pool snakes it way around the hotel, which allows certain rooms the ability to climb straight into the pool, perfect for me! 

The pool also has a ginormous pool bar as you swim up you have to swim through the curtain off water which acts as a barrier, as you drink the afternoon away 

It kind of acts as an invisibility cloak, well only once you've had a few drinks  

Within minutes off arriving at the hotel I was changed and ready to hop (dive bomb) into the pool 

The next fantastic thing about the hotel is it has an Ice cream parlour on offer

As soon as you step from the pool you are taken into an area which is designed like a American diner 

When it comes to choice, there is only one thing that is on my mind CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES, as soon as it caught my eye on the board, that was it nothing could possibly change my mind 

James allowed the waitor to make him a concoction

A little like when I was younger, I used to grab lots of lotions in the bath and mix them all together to create a interesting smelling mixture 

However this time no lotions were involved, just numerous ice creams, waffles, cherries, sauces and sprinkles 

It arrived and it was a bowl of chocolatey, sprinkley heaven 

A lady informed us that there was some traditional Indonesian dancers performing at the Sky bar that evening

So we finished off our exploring and sunbathing, headed back to the room threw on some clothes and made our way to the bar 

I then decided to plan the rest of the evening with a trip, I had seen advertisement of a shopping mall in the reception, so we caught the shuttle bus and headed over 

It was one of those situations where it gets bad to worse, firstly I did not realise that the mall was actually in Kuta, which would take 45 minutes at that time of night

After weeving our way through traffic and hearing hundreds of hooting horns we eventually arrived

The mall was full of local shops as well as some of our favourites 

Seeing this was a fleeting visit, we opted for the first place that caught our eye 

The only place I can match it to is a kind of Beefeater, the menu consisted of grilled goods, pizzas or pastas 

James opted for the scampi pasta, however he was rather disappointed when it arrived, it was the tiniest portion we have ever seen 

It took him 5 mouthfuls and it was demolished 

I went for the chicken, coleslaw and chips, this again was rather small but the chicken was cooked to perfection 

We finished up, and ran to catch our shuttle bus home

This time it took around 20 minutes to get from door to door, once back in the comforts of our room, I sat down got myself comfy and started writing this blog for you 

Tomorrow has a lot more in stock, however I am most excited about our adventure to Ubud 

Not long now.....