Jimbaran Beach

Today was the day for adventure, As soon as I woke up I felt it in me, so I hastily grabbed clothes, grabbed some breakie and ran out of the hotel 

After leaving the hotel resort and venturing further afield, we heard some rustling and bustling of people and music 

We walked through the arch to the Jimbaran beach club and WOLA 

There before us was a long sandy beach stretching for miles

Deck chairs, bean bags and tables were strewn across the beach as far as the eye could see 

We opted to eat at the first place that we came across 'The Jimbaran Beach Club' 

It's situated right on the beach, so we decided to kick back, relax and enjoy the view 

The beach was relatively quiet, with a few people running in and out of the sea, and the occasional dog running past

We grabbed a quick snack as a pre supper meal, then after plenty of cocktails we nipped back to the hotel for a change of clothes and headed back down to see what the evening had to offer 

This time was very different, in a matter of minutes the beach had filled up and there were hundreds of people

The sea was full of families, teenagers and elderly couples all screaming with joy, the restaurants that we had previously seen that were shack like, had opened completely up and there were hundreds of tables lined out across the beach 

As we made our way down the beach we were offered numerous menus, sweetcorn and souvenirs 

The air was full of smoke from the restaurants, and all you could smell was wafts of bbq aromas 

Ah I can smell it now, thinking about it is making me ravenous 

We continued to make our way up the beach, to where there was a quiet spot to have a childish 5 minutes 

It kind of went like this 

5 minutes past, well 20 but shhh and we decided to pull ourselves together and head back to the chaos 

We grabbed a few snacks, dug in and sat down in a big comfy bean bag to watch the sun set and the people slowly leave 

I would definitely recommend Jimbaran beach if you ever decide to head to that area in Bali

Jimbaran maybe a small fishing village, but behind the sleepy curtains there is a lot more on offer 

Go on have a snoop around, I dare you.....

Until Next Time.....