Monkey Forest Temple

On our adventure in Ubud, we paid a visit to the Monkey Forest Temple 

It definitely was not as I had anticipated it to be, we took our first step into the woody forest and within seconds we could see monkeys everywhere 

Now I don't know about you, but I think there brilliant animals but from a far 

This place was in some ways perfect for me, but in some ways not, I hate to see animals stuck up in zoo's all day long, so the temple meant the monkeys were free to do as they want, but that was the problem they definitely did that 

We made our way down the track and there were monkeys left, right and centre

One minute they would be there, the next they wouldn't 

When we arrived we read a few important notices, one said if the monkeys jump on you do not panic, another one said do not take in any items of food unless you want to be inundated by monkeys and the final one said do not litter 

Well we did as they said, however the monkeys took a real liking to our water bottle 

After James recovered from his ambush, we made our way down some weaving stairs and walk ways where it led us to a valley with a stream running down the middle 

Little did you know that from above you were being watched by hundreds of little eyes 

The forest had lots temples, as well as traditional indonesian sculptures engraved in stone 

There is a fountain situated in the centre of the forest, where it seemed to be a meeting point for not only the tourists but the monkeys to 

They splashed around in the water fountain, squirting each other, pushing each other in and chewing on plastic bottles which had been stolen from on lookers 

One minute they would be on the floor 

The next striking a pose for the cameras 

But a word of warning, don't get too close. We witnessed a few monkeys get vicious to onlookers

When you enter the forest, keep your wits about you and don't be silly,remember these arnt tamed monkeys that are in captivity, these are wild monkeys in the comfort of their home 

The forest has a small admin fee which was around £1.50 

You are also able to buy bananas for the monkeys on your way in, but prepare to be ambushed if you do so 

Oh and the last bit of advice, DO NOT wear sunglasses, because they will be gone within minutes 

These are cheeky little monkeys you are dealing with 

I found this pretty apt for the occasion; 

How do monkeys get down the stairs? 
They slide down the banana-ster