Nusa Dua part 2

 The final day in Nusa Dua loomed on us before we knew it, we were to pack up and venture out to another location in bali 

However I did have time to do a little more blogging, sunbathing and creating 

Due to the hotels much convenient pool bar, and the extremely well priced menu, it meant we have spent a lot of time the last few days bobbing around, with a cocktail in hand soaking up the sun

Okay I tried to portray a mature 20 year old, but I could not resist digging into this fabulous drink 

This is my favourite drink, it is coconut water with sugar and lime 

After devouring my ginormous drink, I felt it was necessary some competition was put in place 

So we headed for the chess board 

So chess is not a strong point of mine, so I got my ass kicked 3 - 0 

I knew the one thing I could win at was Table tennis 

I would whack out my hidden ninja skills and show James how its really played 

It was tough, tiring and tactical but I well and truly.... 


Maybe activities isn't my kind of thing 

Later that evening we ventured out the hotel to experience some local Indonesian cuisine 

On our way out we were stopped mid track by this attraction in the hotel lobby, these two young girl did not fail to impress with their snazzy moves 

We headed over the road to the closest restaurant, it was well lit, and slightly resembled the sydney harbour bridge 

To order I got the garlic bread to start followed by a Hawaiian pizza 

Whilst James opted for the Nasi Goreng with Prawns 

Okay so here is the overall analysis 

The staff and the ambiance of the place where great, the food however was not amazing 

But if you are looking for a traditional indonesian experience, with a warm welcome then I would definitely recommend it 

We headed back to the hotel and hit the hay so we were ready to tackle tomorrow

The next morning I opted to act my age for a few seconds, whilst I took some photos

However it didnt last long, there was a pool in sight and a bomb in order

I have always been a water baby, since I was young sunbathing was not an option, the only thing that I had on my mind was messing around in the pool for hours on end 

I eventually got told to get out of the water and have some food 

As reluctant as I was I agreed,  seriously you should play the coin game 

Okay ill give you the run down.... 

You throw a coin, then go and dive and get it 

Complicated hey 

We grabbed some lunch, where James got the Buffet and I opted for the Kids Cheese toastie with fries

I knew at 1.15pm there was an appointment I had to make, so I hastily finished my meal and ran outside 

I could not possibly miss fruit carving 

We got shown the ropes to start, and then we were let loose 

I was a natural, with a little help I managed to make this piece of art with a water melon, whilst James concentrated on another little creation 

A fish....

40 minutes later our little master piece was complete 

Not bad for two beginners 

I will now be able to go home and waste a considerable amount of food, whilst attempting to re create this beauty

For our last night in Nusa Dua, we made the most of Happy hour from 6-8 in the Hotel bar, then headed back to the room for a lazy evening in

After much pursasion I was eventually allowed to order room service

I dont know about you, but there is something truly fanatasic about being able to eat food in bed at a hotel! it excites me every time

We ordered a tomato and cheese pizza and a bowl of fries

After successfully demolishing all the food, we decided to hit the hay 

As we have an early start tomorrow to begin the next leg of our adventure 

Good night