Raglan Castle Cafe

I dont know about you, but there is something perfect about retreating to the country... 

Jumping in your car,


driving up windy lanes that look as though your going knowhere 

however, on this occasion I had a final destination.. 

In this case it was Raglan Castle Cafe 

The Cafe is situated right next to Raglan Castle, so it is perfect if you fancy an escape from the historic endeavours, and fancy an afternoon tea or a full blown lunch

Or even Brunch, For all you lovers out there 

To get to this little treasure, you have to bear right at the castle gates, drive up the narrow country lane until you are faced with an historic arch way 

Drive on through, and WOLA there you have it 

Now do you want to know the best part about this cafe? its Dog friendly 

So to all you dog lovers out there, bring them up and they can enjoy the excitement 

Now I know what your thinking, there isn't great views but wait till you see this little hidden gem 

Behind the cafe is a veranda with more seating, looking out over this incredible view 

Not only do you have the rolling hills before you, but you are able to see Sugar Loaf Mountain, as well as have a sneak peak of the castle itself 

The cafe has been designed in a cute and quaint way, with local art work on the walls for sale, as well as offers and menu options on beautifully designed boards 

I dont know about you, but arn't those signs divine

Not only that but they have a large pile of magazines for the customers 

So whilst the ladies are out inspecting the flowers

The men can get there nose stuck into some car magazines and if they get bored there is even Marie Claire there for them to read 

Now to the best bit 

The food 

The options are endless from; sandwiches, to paninis, Jacket Potatoes and Toasties these are all made fresh to order 

And Je Wiz, they are generous with their portions 

However if you fancy something with a little heat behind it, you are able to get an extensive range of soups, and hot meals such as Korma's, Chilli's etc and these are all made by local companies 

I opted for the tomato and chicken pasta, whilst my friend chose the Beef casserole 

They were both fab and delicious in flavour 

Now to the more important part..... The Drinks 

The coffee is made using Illy coffee beans, and you are able to choose from their extensive choice including, cappuccinos, Americanos, latte's and much more 

There is even that naughty treat for all of you out there who fancy a cheat day from their diet 

The glorious Luxury Hot Chocolate 

Now you can't forget the cakes 

These are also made by local suppliers and they have a wide range of choices 

They also feature the Welsh favourite 'Bara Brith' 

As well as luxury cream tea's, which include a pot of tea and a Cherry, Plain or Sultana scone, with clotted cream, jam and a strawberry 

How scrummy do they look? 

After digging into a scone, I was definitely up for seconds

After devouring far too much food, we knew there was one more thing we had to taste 

Their local Brooke's ice cream 

They have lots of choices, but I opted for the Welsh Gold which was Amazing 

After spending far too many hours eating all their food, and soaking up the scenery we eventually made a move 

Not before we had a childish 5 minutes playing with the Canons 

This is a must do, between the scenic views, great location, heavenly food and the fab staff, the whole combination makes it a brilliant experience 

The cafe's opening hours change throughout the year, but it is currently open from 10.30 till 5.00 I am pretty sure 

any problems the staff at the castle will give you a hand