Rock Bar

The other night we thought we would check out this bar everyone has been raving about

The 'Rock Bar' as its formally known is at the Ayana Hotel in Jimbaran 

We rocked up around 8pm, not quite knowing what to expect, whether it was going to be quiet, busy, loud or casual, it was all a bit of a surprise 

We were whisked off by numerous people to different areas at the hotel to venture down little alleyways, up stairs and down long winding paths 

We eventually were met with 2 very large beefy security men, that did a once over, then let us pass 

As we wandered down the last flight of stairs we were met by a cart, which kind of resembled a ski lift 

We hopped on in, not knowing whether it would be going backwards, forwards up or down, it kind of reminded me of willy wonkas lift, however this cart went slowly yet steeply down the cliff 

We hopped off at the end, and were yet again whisked down more flights of stairs until we were eventually there 

There was no way we would ever be finding our way out of here in a hurry 

The music was loud with good old classics blarring, most seats were full but luckly there were 2 available in the corner over looking this awesome view 

As you sat sipping your drinks you were tittering above the sea with the waves crashing into the rocks below 

The menus arrived, and they were one of the coolest menus I had ever seen 

We had a quick looksie then chose, I opted for a 'Rock My World' 

Whilst James went for, Lime frozen Daiquiri 

Then the rounds started coming, we were determined to check out as many different cocktails as possible on the menu, as they all seemed exciting in their own way 

After consuming my first drink and having a serious session of people watching I went onto a 'Rockito'

Whilst James went for a 'Mojito' 

Time passed quickly as we chatted, whilst slightly grooving along to the tunes, yes I just said grooving 

I was ready to move onto bigger and better thing 

Well not quite this big yet, maybe after a few more, So I opted for a more safer option the 'Ayana Passion' 

See I told you they were exciting in their own little way, mine arrived in flames, Yes I was that girl that after a while couldn't quite decide what was the best way to put the flame out, so sort of just let it sit there, until a waiter came over and saved me 

It was an embarrassing moment, seeing the flames drew all the attention my way, after the fire situation was out I quickly straightened myself up, and pretended like none of it happened  

James then re opted for a Lychee Frozen Daiquiri  

The hours passed far to quickly, and it was time for us to head back to the hotel, there was one thing we had to do first, jump in the cart and zoom our way up the mountain 

It is actually as fun as it sounds, and the views are pretty awesome to 

My only advice for the company is to speed the cart up so it kind of resembles a roller coaster, now how much more entertaining would that be at the end of a long night 

I would definitely recommend taking a trip down the cliff to the Rock Bar, between the awesome staff, seriously cool location and the great variety of drinks, the whole experience is definitely a must do 

Below is a link to the Bar, so you can check out its opening hours

Until Next Time.....