The Hardwick

After ten long months we managed to bring the entire family together for the weekend 

Between Lauren working and me being abroad this is a real achievement 

After much deliberation we all finally agreed on going to The Hardwick for supper 

The Hardwick is owned and run by Stephen Terry 

We threw on our party dresses, ran around like headless chickens to make it in time for our reservation and headed out the door 

I am wearing, Armani dress, Gucci heels, Boutique bag and a Links Bracelet

My Beautiful Mother is wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress, paired with black Louboutins and a Links Bracelet

My sister wore a Topshop skirt, with a Reiss top paired with Russel and Bromley shoes and a Links Bracelet

Last But not least my father wore a Louis Vuitton Shirt, Armani Jeans and Louis Vuitton Shoes 

The Hardwick is nestled in the countryside, its kind of a hidden Gem, unless you know where it is you won't necessarily drive past it 

The food is exceptional, and the staff are absolutely fab 

We instantly grabbed our table, and then dug our heads into the menu's to decide what to choose 

We all finally came to a decision and the food started to flow 

As well as the drinks 

The food arrived shortly after, the smell and appearance of this food was exceptional 

I opted for the breads to start

Followed by the Panzanella salad, which had Small tomatoes marinated with red wine vinegar, chilli, garlic and extra virgin oil, with toasted bread and mozzarella 

As you bit into the tomatoes, you were hit with an array of garlic and chill, combined with the crunchy croutons it made a mouth watering concoction 

The Lamb for main with new season garlic, asparagus, seasons greens and a pink fur apple potato and lamb hotpot 

Lauren went for the grilled cornish St Enodoc asparagus with a soft poached egg, Hollandaise sauce and Local streaky Bacon 

For main she opted for the free range chicken breast with Hardwick fried chicken, sweetcorn fritter & puree, chargrilled sweetcorn, baby gem, pea, radish and broad bean salad

My Dad went for the same starter as Lauren 

But for main went for the roast Cod with Chorizo sausage, fennel, grilled radichio, padron peppers, sherry vinegar, saffron risotto cake, and Romesco sauce 

My mother went for the same starter as Lauren just without the Bacon  

And for main pan fried Hake with special Aubergine Caviar, Courgettes with Chilli & Garlic, Patatas Bravas and a Pequillo Pepper dressing 

After devouring all food in sight, the best part of the menu was looming in the horizon 

Now if you like any type of chocolaty goodness, then this dessert is for you 


This dish is exceptional, between the millionaire shortbread, the soft yet mouth watering moose, or the juicy and succulent brownie, combined with the crisp yet sweet peanut ice cream 

I know mouth watering or what 

Dont you wish right now that you could lick the screen, and experience this magical delight 

I feel it is worth a 5 hour drive to this restaurant to just experience this dessert,  all the desserts I have had in my life, this tops the charts 

Okay I will stop obsessing now

If you arnt a chocolate fan, then the next best option is the Creme Brulee 

The top is crispy and sharp, yet once broken through the top level, you are faced with a pool of creamy delight 

After successfully destroying the desserts, we all sat back, un buttoned our trousers and smiled with great satisfaction 

After hours of giggles, catch up's and rounds we eventually headed home 

I would definitely recommend The Hardwick, but my only advice is always book especially on weekends, as it is a very popular place and fills up quickly 

The food is very quick, and of great quality, the portions are large and the prices are reasonable 

Whats not to love about this place