A Crackle & Pop

Now this will be loved by all you non cooks out there 

Have you ever had that moment in life when someone asks you to bake a cake or cupcakes, and you know it will end in a disaster 

Well if not, that happens to me every time 

But here is a recipe to resolve all those future problems 

It is meant to be with rice crispy's, hence the name Rice Crispy cakes, but I took it on myself and made an adaption 

Now prepare yourself for a complicated recipe

Follow the instructions carefully, I present Corn Flake Cakes 

You will need; 

A large slab of chocolate 
Corn Flakes 

Now chop up your chocolate into slabs, and throw them into a pan to heat up 

Once all warm and goey throw the corn flakes in 

You have to resist sticking your fingers into the warm mixture though 

Then stir it all together 

Pop them into the cup cake cases 

Then dig on in