Bill's, Ealing

The next few days were definitely going to be eventful, as I had many exciting things planned 

Early the next morning I was meeting up with Daisy, one of my oldest and best friends from school 

When we meet up everything always tends to end up a blur, but I cant tell you to much just yet

Now more importantly she has recently just started up her very own blog 

So head on over and check out whats new and exciting

After the eventful drive down to London, I grabbed my stuff and headed on over to Ealing  

After the hugs and the squawking laughter was done and dusted, we got down to business 

We headed to one of our favourite little gems'Bill's' 

We described the place as rustic, with a twist of the italian romance behind it 

Now I am a big lover of food, anything meaty, large and yummy is right up my street 

Which is why we went for some very saucy choices on the menu 

But you'll have to wait and see  

We headed on in, and it was as if you had entered an old antique shop 

There was old, worn sofa'a for lounging about on 

a wall full of wines, that we awed over for a period of time 

Then there was the goodies shelf, that was full of anything sweet! right up my street 

We grabbed our table, then stuck our heads into the menu 

After much time our heads arose, and the ordering began 

We opted for Mezze sharing board 

Mini cumberland sausages - which for future notice are pretty large 

as well as the squid 


OH and you cant forget the most important part...

The wine, which I personally feel is the icing on the cake 

The food hastily vanished, and our bellies got bigger 

We were now ready to hit the shops

But whats too come is far more exciting 

I personally recommend everyone to check out Daisy's younger sister's vlog over on youtube 

Yes thats a video blog!

Turns out Daisy isn't the only crazy one in her family 

Until Next Time