Blue Bird, Chelsea

I always know as soon as I meet up with Daisy, it will involve restaurant and bar hopping, our two favourite things 

Our lunch at Bill's had a certain agenda to complete, we are 99% sure we are moving in together in September 

We are both ridiculously excited, rather than escape to the country, it will officially be escaping from the country 

After we had our wine focused lunch, we dipped in and out of shops in Ealing, before heading over to Oxford Street to grab a few bits before supper

For the special occasion I chose to wear a Karen Millen Blazer, with Karen Millen Trousers, Gucci heels, with an Armani Blouse and a Louis Vuitton Bag

Daisy chose to wear a Mango Blazer, with Topshop Heels, Mango Jeans I think with a Louis Vuitton Bag 

Now more importantly I don't know about you, but there are some must do's when in London, and the Blue Bird is one of them 

Ever since my first experience there I have returned 

Between the relaxed and calming atmosphere, the people watching is just incredible 

This is why Daisy and I opted to grab a late supper and some cocktails 

We got placed right in the centre, so that means 360 degrees people watching! we were very excited 

We both chose a glass of wine, then the food started to arrive

Seeing we had had a late lunch we both chose a small yet filling dish, the ham and chicken pie with chips 

We finished on up then headed over to the big comfy sofa, to continue our snooping 

The sofa's were large enough to smother you in, so we squished our way into them and sunk down to read the menu's, whilst occasionally making a glance at people entering and leaving the restaurant 

I opted for the berry mojito 

It came in a large glass, it resembled a rugged rugby player, all ready to get down and dirty 

Whilst Daisy chose a more sophisticated option a champagne cocktail, hers more so resembled the cheer leader on the side line 

The hours whistled away as we chatted about old friends, our plans and of course our new house! 

How very exciting 

I would most definitely recommend the Blue Bird to anyone, the only adviso is you book ahead

I will add in a link below so you can check out the menu