A Healthy Heaven

Now I'm going to let you into a little secret of mine

Well I say mine, many people in Fulham will hold the same love and passion for this place as me 


It is an incredible healthy natural fruit and smoothie bar 

But not only that it sells pancakes, I was instantly won over 

So I made a special trip over with Daisy to check out what was on offer 

Oh my it did not fail to impress 

The shop it cute yet quirky within, with arrows pointing you in certain directions, and trees spouting out from the ground 

The smoothie and drink list was large, with an array of choices 

But the best part was the food menu, it consisted of different varieties of pancakes and frozen yogurts, so of course I went for both of them 

I couldn't resist 

The mound of pancakes, smoothies and frozen yogurts arrived, I managed to quickly get a photo before it was devoured in record speed 

It safe to say after having to be rolled out, I will definitely be returning frequently 

Here is the link to the little glorious gem it is, honestly head on down