Hyde Park

I decided to yet again head down to London, to do some much needed tasks 

These did include, shopping, bar hopping and of course taking a trip to Hyde Park on a hot summers day 

As you can see my priorities are just right

We grabbed a few shopping goodies, which I am very excited about, and wandered our way over to Hyde Park 

Daisy chose to wear a cute little sheer top, paired with Topshop shorts and Dune espadrilles 

Now before I get side tracked let me show you my little purchases, after stupidly choosing to wear jeans and boots that day, I went and bought an entirely new outfit which gave me the ability to fully embrace the sun 

I chose to wear a Topshop large shirt, Topshop shorts and my newest favourite edition a pair of Tory Burch espadrilles 




I just couldn't contain my excitement so I had to go and throw it all on 

Daisy and I decided to take a leisurely stroll through the park that morning before I had to yet again make the dreaded journey back home for work 

On our journey we came across a few little things that have stuck in my mind 

The first thing were the ginormous multi coloured sculptures placed at the entrance, I honestly feel I need these bad boys in my house when I am older, they were honestly awesome 

The swan's and ducks on the river were flocking around some enthusiastic tourists who were throwing mounds and mounds of bread in 

Everyone was shrieking with laughter and dipping their toes into the river 

Now if you know me well, you will know I am not a real fan of bird's, so I had a little look from a far then made a swift exit 

Further down the river were pedalo's, I desperately wanted to hop on board and peddle my heart out, but unfortunately my excitement was cut short by the lack of time 

As we strolled a little further down the river we came across the perfect people watching bridge, it was situated central of the park so it gave you a perfect 360 degree view 

We spent some time here being typical snap happy goers taking lots of photos, once we ended up beginning to annoy most the individuals that had chosen this area to relax, we made a quick dash 

Around the corner we came across this little bundle of beauties, not only were they bright with the sun shining off their petals, but they were also Daisy's 

So of course we couldn't not have a few photos of Daisy with Daisy's 

Unfortunately my curfew was looming upon us, we walked through the final bit of the park 

Well I say walked, a more appropriate description would be hopped, skipped and jumped our way through the park 

Until we were met by the main road, we had made our way out the surreal quietness of Hyde Park back onto the busy and hectic London lifestyle 

Until next time London