My Two Furry Friends

I finally managed to get home for a few days to see the entire family 

We grabbed a bite of lunch, threw on our summer dresses and headed out to the garden, to enjoy the little sun we have 

However, there is one thing that happens when the sun is out, and the wine is flowing - The camera makes an appearance 

Now I have to show you my adorable troublesome pair 

This is Tiggy 

And this is Tufty 

Having not spent much time with them over the past year, I thought it was appropriate to become a shutter bug for the afternoon and SNAP SNAP SNAP 

Come on you have to agree with me, they're rather photogenic arn't they 

So after the photos were rolling and the clicker was clicking, I was lost in my own little world of trying to get the perfect shot 

This is as good as its going to get 

My two little stars 

Now they are very talented pussy cats, not only can they play hide and seek 

Can you see them? 

Because I cant 

They also have a flare for modelling and fashion  

After hours of lying in the sun, frolicking in the garden, well in my case rolling around on the floor trying to get the perfect shot, we eventually called it a day 

As the dark angrier clouds were rolling in, and the air was starting to become nippy we made our way indoors

However this was not stopping my finger clicking 

Fingers crossed the weather keeps up, doesn't it just make everyone so much happier when you can get a glow on your skin 

Anyway enough about me, what plans do you have on the horizon this weekend?