Royal Ascot, Day 1

So this year I was finally going to get around to making an appearance at Royal Ascot

On wednesday night, I knew the one person who would be spontaneous enough to come down the next morning and battle the chaos 

Alex instantly agreed to come with me, so she grabbed her dresses and headed on down

I chose to wear a Karen Millen Dress, with Gucci Heels 

Whilst Alex went for yet another Karen Millen dress, with Karen Millen Heels 

We drove down later that evening to a hotel, so that we could prepare ourself for the next days madness 

Once we finally got parked, the only tickets we were able to get our hands on were in the silver ring 

So we were going to make the most of it 

We rocked up early, all ready and waiting to get our table for the day 

Champagne in hand, I was ready to sit back and relax and enjoy the days events 

After grabbing a bite to eat, and some drinks we perched on our chairs, and got fully involved in the days antics 

After hours of wooing and cheering we eventually called it a day, not only had the sun been shining which unfortunately took a liking to Alex, we were also down on our betting for the day 

We made our way over to Jags, where we were invited into the VIP tent, for drinks and the evening entertainment 

Quickly the venue filled up with loud and happy race goers 

Before we knew it Jags was full with people dancing around to the live band, drinks in hand enjoying the evening 

We had to only make a fleeting visit as we had to do some late night shopping to prepare for yet another exciting day the next day 

It was most definately spontaneity at its up most this weekend