The Ruins Of A Castle

I firstly apologise for not having posted recently, I miss placed my camera, but it is found and safe so I can continue to waffle 

For 15 years I have lived throwing distance from Raglan Castle 

Its true what they say, whats on your door step you never experience 

So I finally popped on over to check it out

Luckily I chose a day where an event was on, so it made the whole ambiance rather exciting 

Now if you are into sword fights, old ruins, historical aspects on displays then this is the place for you on event days 

There was one tent that caught my eye, however I wasn't that keen on having my future told, to me its all a mystery, which is to not be told 

I'm going to be completely honest, it has never really float my boat castles, but today I was not going to back down I was going to set sail and prepare to drift into the historical unknowns 

The castle apparently have events a few times a year, where history fanatics/ role players come and live in the castle for a few days

But this isn't the best part, the individuals involved act out certain aspects of the era they are living in 

Let me show you what I mean 

Eye opening is one way to describe it 

The tents on offer array from the local Raglan castle cafe, to old medieval beers and fortune tellers 

The castle stood tall and proud, I stood there feeling tiny like the walls were closing in on me

I chose to dress up warm and wear a Jack Wills gilet, Topshop jeans, Joules jumper and Russell and Bromley boots

After diving in and out of the tents, to have a quick nosy, I decided to venture up the endless stairs 

They wound around and around and around 

Once I eventually got to the top, I realised what all the effort was for.....

The views were incredible, you could see for miles and miles, and not only that it allowed you to have a birds eye view of the entire castle ruins 

The wind was sharp, with the clouds starting to form an unappealing appearance, however this was not going to stop be staring in astonishment 

It was honestly breath taking 

After soaking up the scenery, I made my way back down the windy stairs and delved into numerous alley ways, and cobbled coves 

I came across an archery session

Story telling 

And a poor man being beaten up by 4 little children 

I continued to wander around for a little while longer, until I had seen all that was on offer 

Seeing the wind was howling, and the rain was starting to make an entrance, I thought it was time to make a swift exit 

I would honestly recommend to any families to visit, if your children love sword fights, archery and lots of other entertainment then this is definitely a great afternoon out 

However for me, its back to the 21st century