All New Goodies, Part 2

Now any of you that know me well know shopping is my real weakness, no matter where it is, what I'm shopping for, I can keep going for hours and hours 

But what girl can't 

In the past few weeks I have splashed out far to much, however there was some extra necessities I needed of course 

As you can see from most of my previous posts Karen Millen has a common involvement, which is why I had to check out there summer sale 

In the process I grabbed a few brilliant bargains 

I bought this cute stripped skirt which will go perfectly with any top for a casual day look or to dress it up with heels and a blouse for a cute evening attire 

Down from £100 to £49

The next goodie I bought was a bright yellow skirt this is perfect for the summer weather, as soon as I saw it I knew it was a must have 

Paired with my new handbag and necklace and my Armani Blouse it creates an awesome evening outfit as well as a casual summers day outfit 

Down from £115 to £55

The final thing I got from Karen Millen was a baby blue blouse, it caught my eye as soon as I entered the store. As previously mentioned Turquoise is my favourite colour and this was close enough 

It also has a cute mesh back 

Down from £50 to £35

The next place I raided was Topshop 

I always have mixed reviews on topshop the hustle and bustle of the shop and the overall expensive prices has always put me off, however this time I was determined to find some good bargains and some certain items to be the finishing touches to outfits 

The first thing I got was two pairs of plain black jeans, they are perfect for either work or going out for the day or evening 

Retail Price £38

The next thing that was one of my favourite purchases of the day was this coral pink pleated strap top 

It was the perfect top for this specific outfit I have been creating 

Retail Price £35
Now this was my favourite purchase of the day by far!! I dragged my poor parents around Harvey Nicholas which is where this beauty caught my eye 

It is from Alice & Olivia and it was an ultimate bargain 

Ive had an outfit in mind for ages and I knew it was going to be a difficult one to create with all the colours, but after hours of shopping I completed it 

Shorts were retail price £20
Blazer was down from £380 to £102 
It was also the only one left which was in my size, it was just meant to be 

I have never grabbed something so quick in my life 

When paired with my new Topshop top and my new Zara suit shorts it created the perfect outfit 

Tufty was helping me get some snaps

He just couldn't resist 

For now that is it, I have spent my months worth of money in a few days! 

However I'm sure next month I will have another London bound shopping spree 

What goodies have you guys got in the summer sales?