Avenue, St James

My parents are real city slickers, they love the shops, the bars and the endless restaurants which is why they always tend to make a special trip down to London a few times a month claiming its to see my sister 

But we all know the real truth, the lifestyle is to hard to resist 

Which is why I found myself jumping in the car and tackling the 2 and a half hour journey with my parents in tow 

We arrived late on Saturday, so after checking into our hotel and throwing on my evening attire

Which in this case was Steve Madden shoes because I naughtily forgot my heels to my mothers disgrace, and my new Armani stripy dress 

I have a real weakness for stripes, as soon as I put them on I feel as if I should be hopping aboard a boat and setting sail shouting Ahoy!!!

After making numerous boating comments we hopped in a taxi which zoomed us over to the Avenue 

Its a little hidden Gem in St James, the entrance is small yet as soon as you step in, the restaurant continues for what seems like miles

We were given our complimentary Champagne and grabbed a pew and waited for my sister and her Boyfriend Euan to arrive, Late as usual! 

Once we had consumed most of our drinks, we headed over to the table, and prepared ourselves for a monster of a meal 

I have never been here before, but all I heard from my parents and Lauren was great reviews from previous experiences, so I was eager to taste the culinary delights on offer 

The table fell silent as our heads all got lost behind the menus, after what felt like an hour we all popped back to reality ready and waiting to order our plates of goodies for the evening 

My mum is wearing her newest purchase a Karen Millen dress with A Links and Louis Vuitton Bracelet 


As my mother wisely said 'One can never have to much champagne' 

So So Wise 

Our starters soon arrived, I opted for the Watermelon Salad which for future reference was to die for 

The mother dearest chose to go for the Burrata with sundried tomatoes and hazelnuts 

Whilst my Dad chose the Corn Crab

On the other side of the table Lauren had already dug into her chosen starter before I could even get a photo 

The downsides of having a blogger sister 

As the mains were cooking Lauren surprised me with a little pressie all the way from Thailand 

Ever since we were both young we would always get each other a bracelet from where ever we ventured to in the world

Now how cute is this bracelet, I don't know about you but I have a secret love for Elephants, it was always my dream to ride one 

Shortly after I had oggled at my bracelet for a period of time the mains arrived, I decided to get a starter again so that I could have enough room to fit in the pudding 

Priorities at its up most 

I chose to go for the same as my mum had previously chosen the Burrata 

Whist on the other side of the table Euan chose the Quail and Lauren opted for the Cod 

My dad also chose the Cod, whilst my mum pushed the boat out and went for the Seabass

Now I never want to hang around waiting for desserts, if I had my way I would work backwards and start with desserts first 

Hey if its okay for Emilie De Raven to eat Dessert first then have mains after in Remember Me, then its okay for me to follow suit

I have a real love, well I say love more so addiction to Donuts, they are my weakness, they shout at me from the kitchen and I black mail me into ordering them, I just succumb to the bullying 

But OH my don't they taste heavenly 

My sister chose the selection of ice creams, where she opted for the Pistachio, rose lemonade and Pinocolada flavours

Whilst my dad went for the chocolate Fondant 

Its actually making my mouth water as I write this 

After devouring the very last bit of my desert I managed to sit back and feel proud of what I had achieved that evening 

I had not allowed the desert to win, I had well and truly demolished every single last bit 

If you are looking for a cool and sophisticated place to grab a drink or visit for supper then this is the place, the food price isn't that cheap so maybe put it on the list for a special occasion 

But its well worth a visit